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Friday, January 18, 2013

Rhythm Heaven Nintendo DS Cheats

Airboard Minigame
A minigame in which you obtain as a reward for beating the first 6 remixes

All Songs in the Jukebox
To get a Perfect on a song, you MUST wait until it has been chosen as a Perfect-eligible song which happens at random times (you'll know this when the frame for the stage changes and becomes wider and more colorful), otherwise your Perfect will not count. You have 3 attempts at getting a Perfect before its eligibility ceases, where it will either disappear for a while or change to a different stage. Note: You can attempt a Perfect on a stage even if you've failed the initial 3 attempts, but you must wait again until it is chosen as Perfect-eligible.

Technical Guitar Lessons
Beat Rocker 2 (Stage 10-4) and have at least 35 medals.

Basic Guitar Lessons
Beat Rocker (Stage 6-3) and have at least 15 medals.

Battle of the bands
Beat Remix 10 in order to unlock Battle of the Bands.

Widen your chances for a Perfect opportunity
To have more songs be selected for perfect mode, you need to get a gold on them and soon enough it will be selected. The easiest (and catchiest!) stage is obviously Built To Scale

Rhythm Toys
Hit The "O" on Menu And Hit Rhythm Toys
#. Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
1. Beat Bag --- Get 19 Medals
2. Beat Machine --- Get 14 Medals
3. Business Card --- Get 1 Medal
4. Kappa DJ --- Get 24 Medals
5. Octopus Machine --- Get 11 Medals
6. Phone --- Get 5 Medals
7. Slot Monster --- Get 8 Medals

Endless Games
Hit The "O" on The Menu And Hit Endless Games
#. Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
1. Coin Toss --- Get 2 Medals
2. Glass Tappers --- Get 22 Medals
3. Rhythmove Dungeon --- Get 27 Medals
4. Samrai Slice --- Get 17 Medals
5. Shoot-'Em-Up --- Get 7 Medals
6. Tunnel --- Get 12 Medals

Skipping Levels
After failing a level three times, the café will light up and the barista will give you the option to skip the game altogether. An "OK" will appear next to the level you skipped. Note: This might work for Remixes (we've heard both ways).

Hidden Telephone songs (US)
Due to the numbers being changed around in the English version, I think it'd be appropriate to say the numbers. In the same order; Business Card toy 5553282338 - Tunnel Endless game 5557325937 - Samurai Slice Endless game 5557268724 - Battle of the Bands 5557625688.

Hidden Telephone Songs (JP)
Hidden throughout the game are secret telephone codes. By entering them into the telephone in Rhythm Toys (requires 4 medals) you will hear secret songs/random sounds from the original GBA Rhythm Tengoku. Listed below are the telephone codes and where they are located: 831*831*831* - Business Card under Rhythm Toys (requires 1 medal) 2*21*98 - Tunnel Endless Game (requires 12 medals) 246936*1 - Samurai Endless Game (requires 17 medals) 44*82831* - Live Contest (must beat all 50 stages) Note:'*' denotes a musical note.

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