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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Rune Factory 2: A Fantasy Harvest Moon Nintendo DS Cheats

Complete the indicated task to unlock the outfit:
#. Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
1. Handsome Armor --- Win the Adventure Contest.
2. Monster Costume --- Win the Monster Taming Contest.

Fast way to level up magic stat
Each night before you go to bed repeatedly use fireball since it has the lowest RP useage until you run out of RP. This will add major experience to your magic stat allowing you to use magic with a smaller RP reduction.

Rune factory 1 reference
Cecila the little elf girl from the first rune factory is here and marigable. When you first talk to her she talks about her life in kardia (her home in rune factoy 1)
P.S.: She likes gems. ruby, emerald, diamond, and amathyst are the ones she likes.

Alternate title voicing
After you get married whenever you go to the title screen the voice changes(I think) to your wife's voice. So instead of hearing a guy say "Rune Factory 2" you hear a girl say it.

Intro movie fly high / 2nd generation theme
After you build and go to the school you start playing as your son or daugter (the 2nd generation) doing so unlocks a new intro movie and title screen with Aaron (son's pre-set name) and Aria (daugter's pre-set name)
NOTE: Kyle's (your first character's pre-set name) wife will only have one, child not both Aaron and Aria.

Friday, January 25, 2013

The Rub Rabbits Nintendo DS Cheats

Unlock extra modes
When you beat story mode, you unlock 2 new features: A sound test, and another story.
Sound Test lets you play all the tunes from the game, while watching a dance robot grooving to the beat.
Another Story is a very short mode that lets you redo some of the love scenes from the main story, but instead of wooing the main love interest, you are now a robot trying to woo the rival girl.

Unlock new Time Attack/Survival games
Beating certain scenes allow you to play new games in Time Attack/Survival challenge mode.
#. Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
1. Bull survival --- Beat Scene08
2. Graffiti time attack --- Available from the start
3. Seashells time attack --- Beat Scene16
4. Snowball chase time attack --- Beat Scene23

Different ways to unlock gloves
Normally you have to get 55555, 77777 or even 88888 Love points to get these gloves.
#. Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
1. # 03 - Hand Puppets --- Start the game with Sonic Advance 3 in the GBA cart slot
2. Amy Rose's boxing Gloves --- Get 77777 hearts or Sonic Battle into your GBA-Slot
3. Fist Gloves --- Get 88888 hearts or Chu Chu Rocket into yoour GBA-Slot (the most hearts for the most unfamous game, good deal, SEGA!
4. Pink glittery Gloves --- 55555 Hearts or put Sonic Advance 1 or 2 in the GBA-Slot
5. White Gloves --- Have Puyo Pop in GBA Slot

Unlock Cake Battle game
You have to complete the Snowball fight in the story.

Unlock Eye game
You have to beat the Eye in story.

Unlock Snowball Chase
You have to complete Snowball Chase in the story.

Unlock Swimming on a Tree game
You have to complete the same game in the story.

Unlock Table Hockey
You have to complete Disk in the story.

Unlockable Costumes
When you beat easy mode you get the ninja gloves,the ninja costume,the ninja hair,and the ninja shoes.
When you beat hard mode you get the angel hair,the angel costume, and you also get the love mage costume, love mage shoes, and the love mage hat, and when you beat another story (unlocked after beating easy mode) you get the skiing costume and shoes.

There are 3 difficulties that can be unlocked: Hard, Hell, and Heaven.
#. Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
1. Hard --- beat Normal difficulty
2. Heaven --- beat Hell difficulty
3. Hell --- beat Hard difficulty

Talking Girl in the Main menu
On your birthday Christmas, or at new year the girl wishes it to you for that day.

Secret Recorder
Press Down + Y in the title screen, you will be able to record your voice for 3 seconds. Press Down + Y in the title screen again to play it.

Voice Record
Hold [Down]+[Y] to record yourself speaking on the main menu. You may press [Down]+[X] to replay your voice message.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Rooms: The Main Building Nintendo DS Cheats

Trophy Room
You earn trophies by completing certain tasks. Here is a list of all of them. When I say clear a level, I mean get at least a silver score, unless otherwise stated. Note that there is only one Rooms Stone, but it gets upgraded depending on how many challenge levels you beat.
#. Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
1. Basic Master --- Clear every level in Mansion 1
2. Items Master --- Get every inventory item for Rooms Street
3. Mirror Master --- Clear every level in Mansion 3
4. Mr. Book's Present --- Find the 4 puzzle pieces on Rooms Street then use the exit
5. Newbie Candy --- Clear 10 levels with a gold score
6. Puzzle Creator --- Create 10 custom levels
7. Rooms Mania --- Clear every level in Mansions 1-4
8. Rooms Master --- Clear every level in the Extra Mansion
9. Rooms Stone (bird level) --- Clear 75 challenge levels
10. Rooms Stone (chimp level) --- Clear 50 challenge levels
11. Rooms Stone (gator level) --- Clear 125 challenge levels
12. Rooms Stone (high school level) --- Clear 175 challenge levels
13. Rooms Stone (lizard level) --- Clear 100 challenge levels
14. Rooms Stone (monkey level) --- Clear 25 challenge levels
15. Rooms Stone (roomo sapien level) --- Clear 150 challenge levels
16. Rooms Stone (rooms university graduation level) --- Clear all 200 challenge levels
17. Spin Master --- Clear every level in Mansion 4
18. Subway Master --- Clear every level in Mansion 2

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Rondo Of Swords Nintendo DS Cheats

Bonus Game
When you beat the game, you can start over again with some of your previous data such as items and money.

Hidden stage 9
To unlock stage 9, you must not allow any of the townspeople in stage 8 to die.

Below a list of unlockable Characters:
#. Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
1. Aegil in Stage 17 --- Send Serdic to east door of the start point while Marie is alive
2. Alhambra in Stage 10 --- Go near the big boulder and talk with Serdic
3. Ansom in Stage 5 --- Talk to with anyone
4. Arios in Stage 13 --- Talk to with Elmer
5. Cotton in Stage 9 --- Clear the hidden Stage 9
6. Elmer in Stage 12 --- Talk to with Selmer
7. Garahad in Stage 21 --- Talk to with Igraine
8. Izuna in Stage 19 --- Talk to Yumiluna with Serdic in stage 18 and have Shino talk with Izuna
9. Owl in Stage 7 --- Talk to with Marie
10. Rukia in Stage 11 --- Talk to with Serdic
11. Shino in Stage 15 --- Talk to with Serdic while Marie is alive
12. Simon in Stage 18 --- Talk to with Marie or Serdic
13. Yumiluna in Stage 18 --- Talk to with Serdic

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Rockin Pretty Nintendo DS Cheats

Unlock the Studio
To unlock the Studio where you can take pictures of the characters on the world map, simply beat the game.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Robots Nintendo DS Cheats

Mini-game: BWI Transit
Complete the Bigweld Industries transit course.

Mini-game: Chop Shop Transit
Complete the Chop Shop transit course.

Mini-game: Jack Hammer's Oil Rush
Help Jack with the customers on the bar.

Mini-game: Mansion Transit
Complete the Bigweld's Mansion transit course.

Mini-game: Outmode Transit
Complete the Outmoe transit course.

Mini-game: Transit System
Enter a Transit System for the first time.

Mini-game: Bonus Transit Challenge Courses
Complete all five transit courses throughout the game.

Mini-game: Uppercity Transit
Complete the Uppercity transit course.

Mini-game: Zip Line Course
Find Bigwell in his mansion then complete the ZipLine stage where you hit dominoes.

Special feature
Play as all characters in the game to unlock a special feature.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

River King: Mystic Valley Nintendo DS Cheats

Catching fish
Use the stylus to quickly circle the middle of the touchscreen two times. Briefly lift the stylus from the touchscreen, then quickly make two circles again. Repeat this to keep your line below 25% and prevent the fish from going off to the site. You should be able to catch any size fish in less than 30 seconds. If your line tension gets high, try creating one and a half circles (or even less) with the stylus instead. You can also pause slightly longer while the stylus is off the touchscreen.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Ridge Racer DS Nintendo DS Cheats

Rally-X Car
Achieve a score of 50,000 points or greater in the Rally-X mini-game then go to World Tour mode and you will receive a message and movie unlocking the Rally-X special class car.

Reverse Track
To play on a reverse track, drive forward at the starting point until you get to fifth gear. Then, make a "U" turn and drive towards the wall. If done correctly, you will hit sixth gear and the wall will disappear. The track will now be in reverse.

Unlockable Movies and Pictures Requirements
To unlock the Intro Movies for the other Ridge Racer games, as well as the Ridge Racers car artwork, you need to complete specific Tours as follows:
#. Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
1. Machine Design Collection 1 --- Complete EX Tour 37
2. Machine Design Collection 2 --- Complete EX Tour 38
3. Machine Design Collection 3 --- Complete EX Tour 39
4. Rave Racer Arcade Intro Movie --- Complete EX Tour 36
5. Ridge Racer 4 Intro Movie --- Complete EX Tour 33
6. Ridge Racer 5 Intro Movie --- Complete EX Tour 34
7. Ridge Racers 2004 E3 Demo Movie --- Complete EX Tour 35

Unlockable Cars in time attack
To be able to race the following cars in 'Car Attack Mode' you must first defeat the Grand Prix in which the specified race is located. Example: To race RT Pink Mappy car in Car Attack Mode you must first defeat Grand Prix '1' After that go to Car Attack Mode and race the car in the Ridge Racer Novice Course.
#. Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
1. 13th Racing Kid --- Beat 13th Racing Kid in Car Attack Mode (After winning Grand Prix 4)
2. Age Solo S --- Beat Age Solo S in Car Attack Mode (After winning Grand Prix 5)
3. Assoluto Infinito --- Beat Assoluto Infinito in Car Attack Mode (After winning Grand Prix 5)
4. Atomic Purple --- Beat Atomic Purple in Car Attack Mode (After winning Grand Prix 6)
5. Burning Nightmare --- Beat Burning Nightmare in Car Attack Mode (After winning Grand Prix 7)
6. Dig Racing Team --- Beat Dig Racing Team in Car Attack Mode (After winning Grand Prix 3)
7. DK Team Racing --- Beat DK Team Racing in Car Attack Mode (After winning Grand Prix 6)
8. Galaga RT Blue --- Beat Galaga RT Blue in Car Attack Mode (After winning Grand Prix 3)
9. Galaga RT Red --- Beat Galaga RT Red in Car Attack Mode (After winning Grand Prix 2)
10. Galaxian Paradise --- Beat Galaxian Paradise in Car Attack Mode (After winning Grand Prix 4)
11. Micro Mouse Mappy --- Beat Micro Mouse Mappy in Car Attack Mode (After winning Grand Prix 4)
12. Racing Team Luigi --- Beat Racing Team Luigi in Car Attack Mode (After winning Grand Prix 8)
13. Racing Team Peach --- Beat Racing Team Peach in Car Attack Mode (After winning Grand Prix 5)
14. RT Blue Mappy --- Beat RT Blue Mappy in Car Attack Mode (After winning Grand Prix 1)
15. RT Bosconian --- Beat RT Bosconian in Car Attack Mode (After winning Grand Prix 2)
16. RT Nebulasray --- Beat RT Nebulasray in Car Attack Mode (After winning Grand Prix 2)
17. RT Pink Mappy --- Beat RT Pink Mappy in Car Attack Mode (After winning Grand Prix 1)
18. RT Xevious Green --- Beat RT Xevious Green in Car Attack Mode (After winning Grand Prix 3)
19. RT Xevious Red --- Beat RT Xevious Red in Car Attack Mode (After winning Grand Prix 1)
20. Terrazi Terrific --- Beat Terrazi Terrific in Car Attack Mode (After winning Grand Prix 6)

Friday, January 18, 2013

Rhythm Heaven Nintendo DS Cheats

Airboard Minigame
A minigame in which you obtain as a reward for beating the first 6 remixes

All Songs in the Jukebox
To get a Perfect on a song, you MUST wait until it has been chosen as a Perfect-eligible song which happens at random times (you'll know this when the frame for the stage changes and becomes wider and more colorful), otherwise your Perfect will not count. You have 3 attempts at getting a Perfect before its eligibility ceases, where it will either disappear for a while or change to a different stage. Note: You can attempt a Perfect on a stage even if you've failed the initial 3 attempts, but you must wait again until it is chosen as Perfect-eligible.

Technical Guitar Lessons
Beat Rocker 2 (Stage 10-4) and have at least 35 medals.

Basic Guitar Lessons
Beat Rocker (Stage 6-3) and have at least 15 medals.

Battle of the bands
Beat Remix 10 in order to unlock Battle of the Bands.

Widen your chances for a Perfect opportunity
To have more songs be selected for perfect mode, you need to get a gold on them and soon enough it will be selected. The easiest (and catchiest!) stage is obviously Built To Scale

Rhythm Toys
Hit The "O" on Menu And Hit Rhythm Toys
#. Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
1. Beat Bag --- Get 19 Medals
2. Beat Machine --- Get 14 Medals
3. Business Card --- Get 1 Medal
4. Kappa DJ --- Get 24 Medals
5. Octopus Machine --- Get 11 Medals
6. Phone --- Get 5 Medals
7. Slot Monster --- Get 8 Medals

Endless Games
Hit The "O" on The Menu And Hit Endless Games
#. Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
1. Coin Toss --- Get 2 Medals
2. Glass Tappers --- Get 22 Medals
3. Rhythmove Dungeon --- Get 27 Medals
4. Samrai Slice --- Get 17 Medals
5. Shoot-'Em-Up --- Get 7 Medals
6. Tunnel --- Get 12 Medals

Skipping Levels
After failing a level three times, the café will light up and the barista will give you the option to skip the game altogether. An "OK" will appear next to the level you skipped. Note: This might work for Remixes (we've heard both ways).

Hidden Telephone songs (US)
Due to the numbers being changed around in the English version, I think it'd be appropriate to say the numbers. In the same order; Business Card toy 5553282338 - Tunnel Endless game 5557325937 - Samurai Slice Endless game 5557268724 - Battle of the Bands 5557625688.

Hidden Telephone Songs (JP)
Hidden throughout the game are secret telephone codes. By entering them into the telephone in Rhythm Toys (requires 4 medals) you will hear secret songs/random sounds from the original GBA Rhythm Tengoku. Listed below are the telephone codes and where they are located: 831*831*831* - Business Card under Rhythm Toys (requires 1 medal) 2*21*98 - Tunnel Endless Game (requires 12 medals) 246936*1 - Samurai Endless Game (requires 17 medals) 44*82831* - Live Contest (must beat all 50 stages) Note:'*' denotes a musical note.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Retro Game Challenge Nintendo DS Cheats

Full Health: Haggle Man
Press: Down Right Up, Left, B, B, B, B, A, A, A, A, at Pause Screen.

Scrolls Appear: Haggle Man
Press: Up, Right, Down, Left, A, A, A, A, B, B, B, B, at Pause Screen.

Hard Mode: Cosmic Gate
Press Down, Down, B, B, A, A, Start, at Title Screen.

Ship Power-Up: Cosmic Gate
Press Up, Up, A, A, B, B, at Pause Screen.

Infinite Time: Haggle Man
Hold Up and Left, then press A + B, on screen before any level.

99 Lives: Haggle Man 3
Press: A, B, A, B, Left, Right, Left, Right.

9999 Gears: Haggle Man 3
Press: B, A, B, A, Right, Left, Right, Left.

Stage Select: Haggle Man 2
Hold A, then press Up, Up, Right, Right, Right, Down, Down, Left, Left, Left on title screen.

Scrolls Appear: Haggle Man 2
Press: Down, Up, Down, Up, A, A, B, B on pause screen.

Full Power: Haggle Man 2
Press: Up, Down, Up, Down, B, B, A, A on pause screen.

Continue from level you died on: Haggle Man 2
Hold Left, press Start on Game Over screen.

Rally King Codes
Enter these codes at various points to unlock their effects.
#. Code: ----- Result:
1. Select + Left on title screen ----- Invincibility
2. Hold Select, then press Down and Right on title screen ----- Make Rival Cars Disappear
3. A, B, A, B, then Up + Select on title screen ----- Start at Course 2
4. A, B, A, B, then Left + Select on title screen ----- Start at Course 3
5. A, B, A, B, then Down + Select on title screen ----- Start at Course 4

Invincibility: Star Prince
Hold Up and press AAA, then hold Down and press BBB, on title screen

Continue from level you died on: Star Prince
Hold Left, press Start on Game Over screen.

Alternate Ending
An alternate ending can be seen if every stage of is finished within 5 seconds or less remaining on the clock. This also applies to Haguruman 2.

Unlock Soundmode
Clear all story challenges: Game specific challenges and earn the "Clear" mark for all games.

Guadia Quest - "Beat" the game without beating the game
This trick will let you see the credits of Guadia Quest without having to go through the entire game, thus earning you the medal that recognizes your completion of the game (for Arino's final challenge). First go to the Mausoleum (the path to get to the Mausoleum is located east of Centraan between some mountains and the ocean; you will need to enter the path from north of the mountains). After you go into the Mausoleum, walk nine steps up (you will be in the top left corner). Then press "A" to open the menu and select "Look." You will discover hidden stairs. Talk to the man below and answer all his questions with "yes" and he will show you the credits of Guadia Quest.

Cosmic Gate Special Stages
A set of special stages can be accessed by playing on hard mode and activating the warp gate in stage 64. Activating the gate will take you from stage 64 to stage EE which continues through all of these stages: EF, F0, F1, F2, F3, F4, F5, F6, F7, F8, F9, FA, FB, FC, FD, FE, FF, and finally 00 which upon completion will loop you back to stage 1 again.

Warp to final level in Cosmic Gate
In the first stage, fire 64 shots without hitting any enemies. A warp gate will appear that will take you to the final stage.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Retro Atari Classics Nintendo DS Cheats

Warlords: Easy win
Either use the D-Pad or the stylus (recommended) for the button at the bottom. Move the button rapidly and your man will never get his castle hit. Note: This does not always work.

Unlock Music Test
Enter "MUSIC_ON" as a name at the character screen for either the main character or a character that you are buying.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Resident Evil: Deadly Silence Nintendo DS Cheats

Unlock Masters of Knifing
Beat the game once to unlock the 5 level mini game Masters of Knifing.

Unlock Wesker in wireless mode
Get a Rank B in Masters of Knifing.

Unlock Barry for wireless mode
Beat the game with Jill once.

Unlock Enrico Marini
Clear all Co-op levels in Wireless Play.

Unlock Forest Speyer
Complete Classic Mode as Jill.

Unlock Rocket Launcher in maingame
Beat any scenario in under 3 hours to gain the Rocket Launcher for your next run through the game. It'll be in your inventory when you start from your completed save.

Alternate costumes
Complete Jill Valentine's scenario with Barry Burton alive or Chris Redfield's scenario with Rebecca Chambers alive. Save the game, then load the cleared game file to start with the Special Key in your inventory. Use it to unlock the closet in Mansion 1F to access the alternate costumes. Note: The alternate costumes are different in Classic and Rebirth modes.

Unlock Characters
Unlockable Multiplayer Characters:
#. Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
1. Barry Burton --- Complete Rebirth Mode as Jill.
2. Enrico Marini --- Clear all Co-op levels in Wireless Play.
3. Kenneth J. Sullivan --- Complete Classic Mode as Chris.
4. Rebecca Chambers --- Complete Rebirth Mode as Chris.
5. Richard Aiken --- Clear all Versus Mode levels in Wireless Play.
6. Wesker --- Get a Rank B in Masters of Knifing and beat all 5 levels

Unlock easy mode
When starting a new game hold the control Pad right for about 3 seconds, the text should now turn green, and there is easy mode unlocked.

Touching Jill
Leave Jill alone until she enters her inactive animation (hand-on-hip pose). Get your stylus and give her a tap in the chest area, or if she's facing away from the camera, tap her behind. Marvel at the bonus animated resposes.

Touching Chris
Leave Chris alone until he enters his inactive animation Get your stylus and give him a tap in face/hair, or if he's facing away from the camera, tap her behind. Marvel at the bonus animated response.

Spew in THEIR face. (Rebirth)
Doesn't it get annoying when those pesky Spew Zombies get you and it's hard to retaliate before they hit you? Their is an easy way to prevent this: When they spew blow into the mic an it'll hit them instead. This is EXTREMELY helpful to get a highscore in Masters of Knifing.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Real Time Conflict: Shogun Empires Nintendo DS Cheats

When upgrading, always upgrade the Archers first. The Archer will attack from a distance. First, upgrade Archer Health, then Archer Attack/Power, and finally Archer Speed. When your Archer's abilities are maxed, they will do the most damage and kill enemies with little to no casualties. Then, focus on the abilities of the Spear-Men. After them, strengthen your Swordsmen.

Army grouping
From the start of the game up until the end, the enemy always spreads troops out. If you try this at the beginning of the game, your army will be destroyed. Instead, when selecting units in battle, send the entire army together. They will help each other fight and live through the battles. Always send your army as one large team to obliterate the enemy.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Rayman DS Nintendo DS Cheats

Secret level
To be able to access the secret level, you must collect all the lums and break all the cages.

Defeating the Rabble Droid
When he uses the blue orb attack, use your shield to deflect it. Then when he uses the pink orb attack, shoot the orb to turn it blue, deflect it, then shoot it again to turn it pink again. This is the most difficult part. When he fires the golden orb attack, grab on to the UFO, then reel him in until the orb is quite close. Then, shoot the orb to blast him back. Repeat this about four times, after which he will be destroyed.

The Menhir Hills: Avoid damage from vines
Their are vines on this level that are blocking you from crossing. Certain rockets fly at you to hit you. Do not blast them with your fists. Keep spinning in a tight circle and the rocket will stop attacking you and be dizzy. Jump onto the rocket, and if you go across the vines you will not get hurt.

1000th Yellow Lum
In Tomb of the Ancients, you can find the 1000th lum.

1. In the room with the blocks that rise out of the water, go to the top of the ledge, but don't fall down into the next area.

2. While facing the entrance to the room (out towards the water), go to the right side, but not past the fence.

3. Jump off of the right side and helicopter down, but only helicopter to the right for about 3-5 seconds.

4. Once there, there is an indentation in the wall, go foward towards the wall and turn right. You should see a hole by the water, that
you can't see from the top ledge.

5. Fly towards the hole and continue down that path. You should enter a secret area.

6. You should see a large skull and 2 pirates will pop out of the eye sockets. Fight them and continue on the stones in the water.
Pirates will pop out of the eye sockets as you continue forward, just beat them and go on.

7. At the last stone, you should see a yellow lum in the left eye socket. Jump onto the left spider web and jump up to collect the lum.

Congratulations, you can now get all 1000 lums instead of 999. The only thing that happens is that once you get all 1000 you will have 100%. However, when playing the game, the game never registers the lum, so don't worry when you still have 999/999 at the end.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Rainbow Islands Revolution Nintendo DS Cheats

Unlock Violet
Using Mike, win world ten with every large jewel.

Unlock Mike
Win world ten with every large jewel.

Hidden worlds
Collect all seven jewels in a Story mode world. Defeat the Boss of that world then get the large jewel. Collecting each of large jewels from the default worlds will unlock three hidden worlds.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Ragnarok Online DS Nintendo DS Cheats

Bonus maps
Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding map.
#. Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
1. Geffen --- Find the Blacksmith after defeating Giant Elder Willow and access it via West Prontera Field
2. Juno/Yuno --- Meet with the Scientist and access it via Airship option on the Prontera Kafra
3. Lighthalzen --- Access it via El Mes Plateau
4. Morocc --- Complete the Coal Mines, have Viseruk join your party and access it via Sograt Desert (Southwest of East Prontera Field)
5. Prontera --- Defeat Mastering and access it via East Prontera Field

Mirage Tower dungeon
Complete Quest 25 in the main storyline. The Mirage Tower dungeon has 50 floors with random monsters and is located at the lower right portal of the North Sograt Desert. You can play it online with other gamers.

When you reach Geffen go to the INN. Go to the second floor and, near the last bed, speak to the woman. Speak to her and answer correctly until she gives you the hint about the portal. After this there's a new portal from Geffen Bridge to West Prontera field.

Skill Point Duplication
Go into the mirage tower and save with at least 1 skill point before you enter. Use the skill point then enter the mirage tower and die. When it asks you to save say no and when you appear in the mirage tower you have 1 skill point.

Duplicate Equipments
That can be done once you have access to the Mirage Tower, in the desert. Equip your main character with the gear you want to duplicate and talk with the manager, saying you want to challenge the tower in Single Player mode. In the Preparation Screen, choose Menu Screen and unequip all the items from your character. Then leave to the Preparation Screen again. Once there, hit the arrow in the lower right tip of the screen and you will leave the place. Now, check your character and he STILL will be equiped with the gear you removed and your inventory will also have a copy of them.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Race Driver: Create And Race Nintendo DS Cheats

Cheat Mode
Enter the codes under Extras/Codes
Code: --- Result:
942785 --- All Challenges
761492 --- All Championships
112337 --- All Rewards
611334 --- Easy Steering
171923 --- Free Drive
374288 --- Miniature Cars
467348 --- MM View
505303 --- No Damage

Track designer unlockable parts
You can purchase extra parts to use in the track designer in the rewards shop.
#. Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
1. Street style --- Beat tier 13
2. Track pieces 9-32 --- Purchase 'street style'

Pro Tour mode
Pro Tour mode 100% completion in World Tour mode.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Rabbids Go Home Nintendo DS Cheats

Return Level
You know if you finish a level and go on to the next one and you get stuck on it? Well exit out of the level and go to the level maker and go to create level. Then go to load, story mode puzzle and flip all the way to the end. You'll see the level your stuck on! Study where each flashing obstacle is and go try that level out in the story mode!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Puzzle Quest: Challenge Of The Warlords Nintendo DS Cheats

Opens Cheat/Debug Menu
Enter these on the world map. A and B mean a short button tap. =A= or =B= is a held down push (half a second or so)
Code: ----- Result:
A A B =B= =A= =A= B =B= =A= A =B= =B= =B= =A= =A= =A= =B= B B B ----- Unlock debug menu/all spells

Alternate Ending
It is possible to receive an alternate ending to the game by freeing the Sorcerer that Darkhunter wishes you to take to the Red Tower near the start of the game. Free the Sorcerer and you will gain access to three areas you normally wouldn't near the end of the game.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Puyo Pop Fever Nintendo DS Cheats

Unlock all characters and cutscenes
Hold X and press up, down, left, right.

Get character select in single puyo pop
To get character select in single puyo pop, go to the main menu and go to single puyo pop, And go highlight the course you want (other than free battle) then press X, DOWN, UP, A. if done correct you will hear a sound. Now you can play as anybody you want to!

Get character select in Endless puyo pop
To get character select in Endless puyo pop, go to the main menu and go to Endless puyo pop, And go highlight the course you want then press UP, OWN, , .. If done correct you will hear a sound. Now you can play as anybody you want to! BUT its in classic now, to change this, when at the character select, hold down the X button, and then pick a character, now you have their puyo set.

Hidden mini-game
Blow into the microphone at the title screen until a number appears at the bottom of the touch screen. Use the stylus or blow into the microphone to keep the falling Puyos from reaching the bottom.

Bonus gallery pictures
Have the Game Boy Advance game Puyo Pop Fever in the cartridge slot to unlock bonus pictures in the gallery.

Play as Carbuncle
Play in HaraHara mode. Either get less than four or more than twelve fevers without any continues. Alternately, complete the game with your number of continues as a multiple of 7.

Play as Popoi
Successfully complete WakuWaku mode.

Extra Pictures
When you have the GBA version of Puyo Pop Fever in the bottom slow of the DS at the same time, you can access special bonus pictures of each character in the Option menu, under the Gallery.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Purr Pals Nintendo DS Cheats

Quick Grooming
If you rub on your kittens behind really quickly then your meter will go down.

Easy Play
If you have the fishing rod then take it out and leave it in the middle of the screen. your kitten will start to play with it from that position for a good 10 minutes then move it to the left or right.

Quick Cash
Get more than one kitten and keep signing up your kittens in shows. The more you put them in shows the more the money will come. (make sure they are groom, played with, loved, and full enough to go the show.

Dancing kitten
Carry your kitten around in the garden on the dumptruck. Place the back of the truck against the birdbath, then drop off your kitten. If done correctly, the kitten will appear on top of the birdbath and will begin dancing.

Kool thing
Okay all you need for this is a dump truck and you have to be in the bathroom. Make your cat go into the dump truck then back up in to the scale then drop your cat off it will appear that your cat is weighing its self.

Special Foods
Go to the suplie buying screen, click suplys, food, then buy either a food bag with grooming combon it or a play toy on it, buy it, then feed it to your kitten, both food and gromming or playing bars will go down.

Sliding On Slide
Take your kitty into the garden. Carry your kitty in the dump truck up the slide then press the Y button. Your kitty will run down the slide or jump off from the top of the ladder!

Lying down on couch
Buy the dumptruck. Then put your kitten in it. you have to be somewhere with a couch. Dump your kitten on the couch, and it will strech and lie down before it gets off. not a cheat, but cute to see!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Professor Layton And The Unwound Future Nintendo DS Cheats

The Diabolical Box Reopened puzzle
Successfully complete Professor Layton And The Diabolical Box to receive a system-specific code. Enter the "Top Secret" screen in Professor Layton And The Unwound Future and select the "Hidden Door" option and enter the code.

Layton's Challenges puzzles
Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding Layton Challenge in the "Bonuses" menu.
#. Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
1. The Hotelier's House --- Complete all ten toy car courses.
2. The Messenger's House --- Complete all twelve parrot delivery errands.
3. The Puzzle Keeper's House --- Complete 165 puzzles.
4. The Storyteller's House --- Complete all three picture books.
5. The Time Traveler's House --- Complete the game.

Top Secret menu options
Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding option at the "Top Secret" menu.
#. Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
1. Additional Character Profiles --- Solve all 168 puzzles.
2. Character Profiles --- Collect 4,200 Picarats
3. Character Voices --- Collect 5,000 Picarats
4. Game Music --- Collect 4,700 Picarats
5. Movies --- Collect 5,200 Picarats
6. Story Art --- Collect 4,500 Picarats

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Professor Layton And The Diabolical Box Nintendo DS Cheats

Character Profiles List
After you've beaten the game, go to the Top Secret section of the Bonuses menu. Inside, you'll be able to access profiles for every character in the game.

Art Gallery
After beating the game, go to the Top Secret section of the Bonuses menu. You'll be able to access an art gallery depicting various scenes from the game.

Concept Art Collection
Complete Professor Layton and the Unwound Future to obtain a code, then input the code in the Hidden Door menu.

Layton's Challenges: The Sweetheart's House
Under the Bonus Menu, you'll find an option called Layton's Challenges. These challenges are comprised of especially difficult puzzles. They can only be unlocked by fulfilling specific criteria in the main game. One of them is called the Sweetheart's House, which contains Puzzles 148, 149, and 150. In order to access it, you have to beat the game.
#. Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
1. The Animal lover's House: puzzles 145, 146, 147 --- get the hamster to lose weight. it takes 30 step in a row to get the hamster to lose all the extra weight. also makes the hamster point out hit coins.
2. The Musicians House: puzzles 139, 140, 141 --- fix the camera and then take pictures of any place where the camera icon appears(there are 9). then find the 3 differences in each picture.
3. The Sweetheart's House (148, 149, 150) --- Beat the game.
4. The Tea Master's house: puzzles 142, 143, 144 --- get all the tea ingredients to find the different tea brews. then when any character has sweat drops over them(28) give them the tea the ask for.

Top Secret Options
Once you acquire enough Picarats, you unlcok the following options in the top secret section
#. Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
1. Character Profiles --- Acquire 2500 picarats
2. Character Voices --- Acquire 4000 picarats
3. Game Music --- Acquire 3500 picarats
4. Movies --- Acquire 4500 picarats
5. Story Art --- Acquire 3000 picarats

Golden Icons
To earn a Golden Icon next to your save file, complete the following criteria.
#. Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
1. Golden Layton --- Complete the Game
2. Golden Luke --- Complete all puzzles in the story mod

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Professor Layton And The Curious Village Nintendo DS Cheats

The following tasks must be completed to unlock the puzzles in the bonus menu
#. Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
1. The Art Lover's House (Puzzles 127-129) --- Complete Portrait
2. The Decorator's House (Puzzles 124-126) --- Fill rooms in the Inn to give maximum satisfaction.
3. The Golden Apple's House (Puzzles 130-132) --- Beat game
4. The Inventor's House (Puzzles 121-123) --- Assemble Gizmo
5. The Puzzle Master's House (Puzzles 133-135) --- Find and finish all 132 previous puzzles

Monday, December 31, 2012

Princess Natasha Nintendo DS Cheats

Cheat mode
Enter the following at the Codes screen under Extras from the main menu
#. --- Code: --- Result:
1. --- OLEGSGIZMO --- All Gadgets
2. --- SMASHROBOT --- Extra levels
3. --- CRUSHLUBEK --- Infinite lives

Level Passwords
Level passwords for Princess Natasha:
#) --- Password: ==== Result:
1) --- 19KLY L00&1 ==== 1 (Boss)
2) --- DBGJZ 00014 ==== 1-1
3) --- 8VN51 D002H ==== 1-2
4) --- 8VNBD F004X ==== 1-3
5) --- 13Z1B £0059 ==== 1-4
6) --- 13ZQM &00%X ==== 1-5
7) --- 14158 000F1 ==== 1-6
8) --- 1434$ 100£8 ==== 1-7
9) --- 199D$ 500LB ==== 1-8
10) --- ZZZQC 26C4Z ==== 2 (Boss)
11) --- 18Y6G &6BK5 ==== 2-1
12) --- 18YJS 26BP4 ==== 2-2
13) --- 18YKR 76BS5 ==== 2-3
14) --- 18YR3 V6B*C ==== 2-4
15) --- 1905P %6BWH ==== 2-5
16) --- 1£Z*9 K6C1F ==== 2-6
17) --- 22YBW BCN9B ==== 3 (Boss)
18) --- 22WYS 8CN42 ==== 3-1
19) --- 22X0$ 4CN54 ==== 3-2
20) --- 22X3L 6CN76 ==== 3-3
21) --- 22X9X JCN77 ==== 3-4
22) --- 22XML 3CN85 ==== 3-5

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Princess Debut Nintendo DS Cheats

The 6th Prince
You can unlock the 6th Prince, Kiss after you beat the game once.

Bonus pictures
Reach the end of the game without becoming anyone's partner. Tony will dance with you at the ball. Win the dance and Tony will become human and say that he must return to his kingdom. He will ask you to accompany him.
- Turn Tony down to unlock the "Princess" picture.
- Accept Tony's offer to unlock the "Tony" picture.

You can unlock more accessories for your characters by doing certain things.
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Angel Ring --- Reach lvl 18 in Story Mode or Clear Latin in Ballroom Mode
Beads Chocker --- Have Kid as your partner for the Final Competition
Bunny Ear Hat --- Reach lvl 20 in Story Mode (Must have no partner) or Clear Standard in Ballroom Mode
Diamond Ring --- Win the Final Competition and Accept the Proposal
Emerald Necklace --- Have Klaus as your partner for the Final Competition
Fashionable Hairstick --- Have Hayato as your partner for the Final Competition
Lily Hair Adornment --- Befriend with Randy and get it from him after practice (must have no partner)
Rose Acessory --- Have Cesar as your partner for the Final Competition
Star Pendant --- Have Kiss as your partner for the Final Competition

Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Price Is Right Nintendo DS Cheats

Game select
Win all the challenges. You can now choose any game to play.

Reading text
The text moves a bit fast and there is no way of slowing it down. However, tapping the menu will pause the game. The top screen will have the menu, but will leave the touch screen as is. You can use this method every time the text is about to be cut off at the top of the box.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Prey The Stars Nintendo DS Cheats

Hard Difficulty
Complete the Game on Easy or Normal to unlock.

Extra Challenges
Complete the game to unlock another 8 Challenges for each level.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Power Rangers: Super Legends Nintendo DS Cheats

Earn a "Gold" rank in the Series era to unlock the following characters in Arcade and Multi-player modes. The character unlocked varies depending on things done during game play.

Time Force, Blue Ranger, Op. Overdrive, Red Ranger, Wild Force, Black Ranger, Lost Galaxy, Green Ranger, Ninja Storm, Yellow Ranger, Mighty Morphin, Red Ranger, S.P.D., Red Ranger

To unlock the Omega Ranger, complete a level and replay it. Collect the three hidden Omega Crystal pieces in the level. The Omega Ranger is unlocked when all Omega Crystal pieces in every level are collected. To unlock the Orange Ranger, get a 100% "Gold" rank in all eras, including the Hall of Legends Era.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Populous DS Nintendo DS Cheats

Unlimited Psyche Energy in Free Play mode
Successfully complete all Extra Challenge stages.

Complete the indicated task to unlock the Landscape:
#. Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
1. 8-Bit Plain --- Clear Challenge Stage 26 (Level 6)
2. Fairytale --- Clear Challenge Stage 2 (Level 1)
3. Hanging Gardens --- Clear Challenge Stage 27 (Level 6)
4. Horror --- Clear Challenge Stage 11 (Level 3)
5. Magma --- Clear Challenge Stage 7 (Level 2)
6. Outer Space --- Clear Challenge Stage 16 (Level 4)
7. Persia --- Clear Challenge Stage 6 (Level 2)
8. Snowfield --- Clear Challenge Stage 21 (Level 5)
9. Yamato (Japanese landscape) --- Clear Challenge Stage 3 (Level 1)

Complete the indicated task to unlock the god:
#. Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
1. God of Fire --- Beat the Demon of Harvest once in Challenge Mode
2. God/Goddess of Wind --- Beat the Demon of Water once in Challenge Mode
3. Goddess of Harvest --- Clear Tutorial Stage 5
4. Goddess of Water --- Beat the Demon of Fire once in Challenge Mode

Bonus levels
Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding levels.
#. Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
1. Bonus Challenge stage 41 --- Get a "Gold" or better rank on Warrior Hunt level 1.
2. Bonus Challenge stage 42 --- Get a "Gold" or better rank on Warrior Hunt level 2.
3. Bonus Challenge stage 43 --- Get a "Gold" or better rank on Warrior Hunt level 3.
4. Bonus Challenge stage 44 --- Get "Gold" or better rank on all Warrior Hunt levels.
5. Extra Challenge stages 46 to 50 --- Complete all 40 stages in Challenge mode levels 1 through 8.
6. Levels 1 to 8 --- Complete three of the five stages from the previous level to unlock the next level.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Pop Cutie! Street Fashion Simulation Nintendo DS Cheats

Unlockable: Costumes
Enter these numbers at a phone to unlock costumes.
#. Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
1. Layered Dress --- 7247
2. Poodle outfit --- 3107

Monday, December 24, 2012

Pony Friends Nintendo DS Cheats

Winning Pony Club races
During a Pony Club race, shout into the microphone, but do not shout so loud that the meter goes into the red. This will slow down your pony.

Easy coins
Complete your chores for coins.

Picture set prize
When you finish a picture set of four animals in your journal, you will get a prize of an accessory or coins; likewise for coins and shells.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Polarium Nintendo DS Cheats

Unlock more puzzle-stages and more Saves for your own puzzles
To unlock more puzzle-stages, simply beat the ten puzzles before that ones. When you unlock more puzzles, you automatically get the same amount of Saves for your own puzzles.
#. Unlockable: ---- How to Unlock:
1. Puzzles 11-20 and Edit-Puzzle-Saves 11-20 ---- Beat Puzzles 1-10
2. Puzzles 21-30 and Edit-Puzzle-Saves 21-30 ---- Beat Puzzles 11-20
3. Puzzles 31-40 and Edit-Puzzle-Saves 31-40 ---- Beat Puzzles 21-30
4. Puzzles 41-50 and Edit-Puzzle-Saves 41-50 ---- Beat Puzzles 31-40
5. Puzzles 51-60 and Edit-Puzzle-Saves 51-60 ---- Beat Puzzles 41-50
6. Puzzles 61-70 and Edit-Puzzle-Saves 61-70 ---- Beat Puzzles 51-60
7. Puzzles 71-80 and Edit-Puzzle-Saves 71-80 ---- Beat Puzzles 61-70
8. Puzzles 81-90 and Edit-Puzzle-Saves 81-90 ---- Beat Puzzles 71-80
9. Puzzles 91-100 and Edit-Puzzle-Saves 91-100 ---- Beat Puzzles 81-90

Unlock the credits by either solving all 100 puzzles, or by completing Challenge mode.

Sudden Death mode
Beat the first rank time record in Easy and Hard modes to unlock Sudden Death mode at the Time Attack menu.

Special puzzles
Complete all puzzles 100% in Polarium Reference to unlock three Special puzzles.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Pokemon Trozei! Nintendo DS Cheats

Unlock Hard mode
Successfully complete adventure mode to unlock the hard difficulty setting in adventure mode.

Forever Mode
Forever Mode is a variation on the regular Endless Mode. It uses a playfield 7 columns wide, plays at a much faster pace than normal, and has a completely different distribution of rare Pokemon. In addition, instead of starting your Trozeis with a line of four and working down to three and two, you have to start them with a line of five, and follow up with four, and then three and two. In order to access this mode, you have to finish the Adventure mode twice, after which a button labeled "Forever" will appear on the main menu. Once you have access to this mode, the Trozei List will acknowledge it, and many Pokemon will have their entries changed so as to include levels in Forever Mode where they can be found. Several Pokemon which can only be found in some of the very late levels in Endless Mode can be found much earlier in Forever Mode.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Pokemon SoulSilver Version Nintendo DS Cheats

In-game reset
Press L + R + Start + Select during game play.

National Dex
Beat the Elite Four once and go to the S.S Aqua ship in Olivine City to get the National dex.

Earning Stars and Colours for your Trainer's Card
The following tasks can be completed in any order, and are not linked to any particular trainer card colour. You gain one star for completing any single task, up to a cumulative total of five stars for completing all of the following tasks: - Beat the Elite Four. - Defeat Red - Win 100 consecutive battles in Battle Tower - Show Hibiki 5 Gold Leaf pokemon - Capture all 493 Pokemon (excluding event-only Pokemon)
#. Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
1. Black Card --- Obtain all 5 stars
2. Blue Card --- Obtain 1 star
3. Bronze Card --- Obtain 2 stars
4. Gold Card --- Obtain 4 stars
5. Red Card --- You start with this
6. Silver Card --- Obtain 3 stars

Unlockable Pokewalker Routes
With regular usage of the Pokewalker included with SoulSilver, you can obtain Watts that can be used to unlock special courses that hold unobtainable pokemon in both HeartGold and SoulSilver versions. Watts are not total obtained, but collected in the game after returning from a stroll or sending gifts back to your game. There are also several routes unlocked by Nintendo Wifi Events and specific pokemon.
#. Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
1. Amity Meadow --- Unreleased to all versions.
2. Beautiful Beach --- Collect 200 Watts.
3. Beyond the Sea --- Trade for an International Pokemon in the GTS in Goldenrod City.
4. Big Forest --- Collect 40,000 Watts + National Dex.
5. Blue Lake --- Collect 2,000 Watts.
6. Dim Cave --- Collect 1,000 Watts.
7. Hoenn Field --- Collect 5,000 Watts + National Dex.
8. Icy Mountain Road --- Collect 30,000 Watts + National Dex.
9. Night Skys Edge --- Obtain the PokeDex Data for Jirachi.
10. Quiet Cave --- Collect 100,000 Watts + National Dex.
11. Rally --- Unreleased to U.S. versions.
12. Rugged Road --- Collect 50 Watts.
13. Scary Cave --- Collect 20,000 Watts + National Dex.
14. Sightseeing --- Unreleased to U.S. versions.
15. Sinnoh Field --- Collect 25,000 Watts + National Dex.
16. Stormy Beach --- Collect 65,000 Watts + National Dex.
17. Suburban Area --- Collect 500 Watts.
18. The Resort --- Collect 80,000 Watts + National Dex.
19. Town Outskirts --- Collect 3,000 Watts.
20. Treehouse --- Collect 15,000 Watts + National Dex.
21. Volcano Path --- Collect 10,000 Watts + National Dex.
22. Warm Beach --- Collect 7,500 Watts + National Dex.
23. White Lake --- Collect 50,000 Watts + National Dex.
24. Winner's Path --- Nintendo Wifi Mystery Gift from 05/06/10 to 06/25/10
25. Yellow Forest --- Nintendo Wifi Mystery Gift from 04/01/10 to 05/05/10

How to battle Misty
First go to curulagin city. Then go to the yellow brige (with the copel on a date) then go to the house on the cape. ceep going up the stairs past the house. she will be there with a guy. shell notice you then go to the gym.

Secret box wallpapers and Pokemon eggs
Go to the Violet City Pokemon Center. Notice the man next to the PC. Tell him certain words when he asks you for your opinion. -- Use this site to generate these words. This will unlock special box wallpapers and Pokemon eggs in your game

Change the Time and Day
Change the DS clock time to catch certain pokemon at night and on certain days (like Monday, Wednesday and Friday for contests).

Poke Points
You can use the points from the Pokeathalon in the shop to buy certain items. These change from day to day, so look for elemental stones and rare candies in the shop (and you can use the DS calendar options to change the day of the week).

Rematch with Legendary Pokemon
If you accidentally kill a legendary pokemon, don't panic. Just beat the Elite Four again and the legendary pokemon will be alive and roaming again.

Quick Radio Tower
At one point you are required to dress up as a Rocket to get to the radio tower. After you are told you have to get the key from the director, instead of taking the card key and battling the grunts, just head to floor B1 in the Goldenrod department store, head to the stairs, and you'll find the director. Battle the grunt and you're done.

Ruins of Alph: Hidden items
In the same rooms where you have to complete a picture puzzle of Omanyte, Kabuto, Aerodactyl, or Ho-Oh, there is a plaque that has a word that is spelled using Unowns. Do the following steps.
Room with the Kabuto Puzzle: The word is "Escape". You must use an Escape Rope facing the plaque. You can easily get an Escape Rope at the Violet City Pokemart. The four items obtained are Energy Powder, Heal Powder, Oran Berry, and Pecha Berry.
Room with the Aerodactyl Puzzle (accessible by Surfing): The word is "Light". Use Flash while facing the plaque. The four items obtained are Energy Root, Heal Powder, Moon Stone, and Sitrus Berry.
Room with the Ho-Oh Puzzle: The word is "Ho-Oh". You must have Ho-Oh first in your roster. The items obtained are: Charcoal, Leppa Berry, Life Orb, and Revival Herb. In Pokemon HeartGold, Ho-Oh is obtained in the Bell Tower. In Pokemon SoulSilver, Ho-Oh is obtained after you have defeated the Elite Four.
Room with the Omanyte Puzzle: The word is "Water". You must have a Water Stone in your bag. The items obtained are: Leppa Berry, Mystic Water, Stardust, and Star Piece. A Water Stone can be obtained by winning it at the Pokeathlon on Wednesday.

Soft Reset
Press L + R + Start + Select simutanusly in front of a legendary pokemon (such as Lugia and HO-OH) but you have to save in front of them first and they will become a shiny pokemon (you have to do this at least 200 to 5000 times to get a shiny legendary pokemon) notice: only works on legendary pokemon.

Game Boy reference
At Celadon City, enter the Celadon Condominiums next to the Pokemon Center. Use the elevator to reach the third floor. When you exit, your friend will tell you about the GB Sounds. Talk to the man next to the globe after collecting all of the Kanto badges to get the GB Sounds Device.

Dragon Ball Z reference
In Ecruteak City at the Dance studio, a Team Rocket grunt is hassling a kimono girl. Talk to the person on the right side of the stage. He tells you he would have put a stop the grunt's behavior if it was not for the incredible pain of his stomachache. This is a tactic commonly used by Hercule Satan in Dragon Ball Z to get out of fighting.

Split and fused poles
When you go to the back of the Safari Zone where the poles are, they will split in two or fuse together depending on where you are standing.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Pokemon Ranger: Shadows Of Almia Nintendo DS Cheats

Capture Arena
Complete the main storyline, and ride Wailord from Haruba Village to get there.

Find licky licky
To find the pokemon licky licky first finish the game then go into the shipwreck of the cargo ship. He will be in the room that barlow shoed to you a.k.a Mr. Kinkads room.

How To Get Regice
In the almia castle near the end go the place with a save on it and a raichu. On the side you will see 2 doors take the one on the left or right (not sure) inside the room there is a wigglytuff go to the door near the wigglytuff. Then you will see a stone use 'burn' lvl.5 (magmortar) then you will see regice.

How to get Registeel
In the chroma ruins near the end of the place you will see a stone again use 'lvl.5 cut' (gallade) then it will break and show registeel.

How to get Regirock
First go to the vien forest and go to the place where you got the blastoise on the misson to stop the fire. Get a Floatzel and go surf. Keep going up until you reach the end get off keep goin down. Go into the cave at the very bottom. Go and destroy the rock (crush 5 Garchomp at Hippowdon temple) target clear it and regirock will come out.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Pokemon Platinum Nintendo DS Cheats

Trainer card stars
Complete one of the indicated tasks to unlock a star on your trainer card.
Defeat the Elite Four.
Win any Master Rank Super Contest.
Get all Battle Frontier Colored Plates.
Get a Platinum flag in the Underground by capturing 50 flags.
Catch all 493 Pokemon, excluding event-only Pokemon.

Trainer card colors
Earn the indicated number of stars to change the color of your trainer card.
Blue: One star
Bronze: Two stars
Silver: Three stars
Gold: Four stars
Black: Five stars

Unlockable extra Villa furniture:
#. Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
1. Chandelier --- Walk a total of 300,000 steps
2. Great Painting --- hatch 30 eggs
3. Guest Set --- Defeat a total of 50 trainers in the trainer cafe
4. Music Box --- Purchase Racks
5. Piano --- Defeat the Elite Four 10 times
6. Pokemon Bust #1 --- Obtain one silver print from the Battle Frontier
7. Pokemon bust #2 --- Obtain 5 silver prints from the Battle Frontier
8. Tea Set --- Purchase the Music Box
9. Wall Clock --- Plant 50 berries

How to catch palkie and dialga
First catch grintina get both orbs then go back to spear piller you will see two crystals both pink and blue touch one then press yes or no

National Pokedex
Find all 210 regional Pokemon to complete the Sinnoh Pokedex. Then, talk to Professor Rowan in his laboratory.

Hidden Wallpaper
Go to Jubilife City and see the TV producer on the third floor of the TV Station. Tell him certain words when he asks you for your feedback on TV. Go to this page to generate these words. This will unlock a special Box Wallpaper in your game.

Easy experience
You can find a new opponent to battle every day at the Pokemon Center in Hearthome City. They are found next to the counter.

Diamond Dust snow
Go to Snow Point City on January 12th (the birthday of Junichi Masuda, one of the game's developers) to see Diamond Dust falling over the town.

Griseous Orb
Complete the game and return to Sendoff Spring. Cynthia will gone and you can enter the cave she was previously blocking. Enter Turnback Cave and go to the end to find an item and the entrance to the Distortion World. Go through the entrance to find the Griseous Orb. Give it to Giratina and it can stay in its original form outside Distortion World. Note: You can now catch Giratina in Turnback Cave.

Dialga and Palkia
Defeat the Elite Four and unlock the National Pokedex. Go to Mt. Coronet through Hearthome City, as if you were travelling to Sky Pillar. Go through about three caves, until you find a new entrance. Enter it to find orbs needed to battle Palkia and Dialga. Go to the top of Mt. Coronet to where Team Galactic was previously encountered. One of the two legendary Pokemon Dialga or Palkia will be there. Catch it, then leave and return to encounter the other one.

Meet at Distortion World or Turnback Cave. Giratina is at level 47. A Masterball is recommended.

After defeating the Elite Four and getting the National Pokedex, go to Canalave City. Go inside the sailor's house and a boy will be in a bed. He tells you about Darkness and his mother will say he needs an item. Go outside to the dock. Talk to the sailor and catch a ride to Fullmoon Isle. Cressilia will flee and leave behind the item. Catch Cressilia the same way as Mesprit. Cressilia is at level 50.

After the encounter in Distortion World, go to Lake Verity and talk to Mesprit inside the center cavern. Mesprit will flee. The Marking Map App will be needed to track Mesprit. Mesprit is at level 50.

Unlock the Battle Zone and go to Stark Mountain. Go through the maze and fight the Team Galactic people. Return to the Survival Area. Enter the Battleground and fight the Gym Leaders. Return and enter the same cavern where Team Galactic was found and Heatran will be there. Heatran is at level 50.

Azelf and Uxie
After the encounter in Distortion World go to Lake Valor and Acutity. Go inside the caverns. Ultra Balls are needed. Each are at level 50.

Talk to Professor Rowan and get National Pokedex. Go to Pal Park and talk to Professor Oak. Go to Eterna City and find Professor Oak. He will mention that these birds have been sighted. Marking Map App Is needed. All three will be level 60

Secret box wallpapers
Go to Jubilife City and see the TV producer on the third floor of the TV Station. Tell him certain words when he asks you for your feedback on TV. Go to this page: Link to generate these words. This will unlock a special Box Wallpaper in your game.

Shiny League Badges
First of all you need to have atleast 1 pokemon Leauge Badge. To make them shiny, Press X on your DS, Then scroll down to the card icon that has your players name next to it. Press A and look down at the Gym Leaders at the buttom screen of your DS. Press the little sqaure below all the gym leaders and you'll find your Leauge Badge(s) earned by a gym leader you fought. Rub the badge with your stylis (the pen thing). You should hear a weird sound that almost sounds like a cry. Thats the sound that your rubing it. Rub it until it has 4 sparkles flashing around the badge. Now you can have shiny badges!

All about Chimchar.
Here is about all the information you need to know about Chimchar. The one of the three starter pokemon you can get in the beggining of the game.
Chimchar- Chimchar is a ape/ monkey pokemon. It is Prounced CHIM-char
Type: Fire
Height: 1'08"
Weight: 13.7 lbs.
Region: Sinnoh
Possilbe Moves: Scratch, Leer, Ember, Taunt, Fury Swipes, Flame Wheel, Nasty Plot, Torment, Facade, Fire Spin, Slack Off, Flamthrower.

Here is about everything you need to know about Piplup. One of the Three starter Pokemon you can get in the beggining of the game.
Piplup- Pronounced: PIP-plup
Possible Moves: Pound, Growl, Bubble, Water Sport, Peck, Bite, BubbleBeam, Fury Attack, Brine, Whirlpool, Mist, Drill Peck, Hydro Pump
Type: Water
Height: 1'04" | Weight: 11.5 lbs.
Region: Sinnoh

The Rotom Factor
Once you get secret key , go to the eterna galactic hideout. If you have emptied eterna of team galacatic, you can go one of the room and use the secret key between the bookcase and a wall. This will open up a whole new room in the building.
When you go to the room you will see 5 appliances on the floor, If you have Rotom with you, you can go up to any of them and select it. Rotom will possess the apliances and thus you now have one of the new rotom forms. However there are few things to note.
When you apliances and rotom take possession of it, Rotom will have the ability to learn a new attack. This is dependant on the form that is taking. This attack can only be kept upon the particular form. Once you change to another form rotom will forgot that attack and learn new one.

How to get rotom
At night, go to enterna forest, and get to the very end. you will se gardenia standing near the old chaetu. talk to her, then use cut and walk in the house. walk up the left stairs, and go through the door in the middle door. when you go into the door, go to the the first door on the left. talk to the door in the room, and the tv will say, "there is a pokemon in the tv. thump the tv set?" say yes, and you will hear rotom's cry, then it will take you into a battle with rotom!
Rotom's level: 20
Rotom's type: electric-ghost

Happy Birthday
After beating Elite 4, if you play the game on your birthday, or if you set the DS clock to your birthday, and talk to Dawn/Lucas, she/he will wish you a Happy Birthday

Diamond Dust will fall at Snow point city
Go to Snow Point City during the 12th of January and you will see Diamond Dusts falling on the town. It is because of the birthday of Junichi Masuda, Gamefreaks Director and Composer of Pokemon Music.

Capturing legendary Pokemon
Save the game before the battle. Use a Pokemon that knows Paralysis. Use a Quick Ball, then keep using Paralysis until the legendary Pokemon is affected by the move. Then, use weak attacks until its health is low. Use a Great Ball to capture the Pokemon.

More shiny Pokemon
Have both an international Pokemon and one of your own in the daycare to increase the chances of finding a shiny Pokemon.

Glitch - fight rival on monday
Now you know how you can always fight the rival (blond guy) in survival area? well on sunday stay there save then wate till Monday then talk to him. Now you can battle him on Mondays if you keep repeating this. (and this shouldn't say "poketmonsters" it should say pokemon)

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Pokemon Pearl Nintendo DS Cheats

In-game reset
Press L + R + Start + Select during game play..

National Dex/Completing the Shinou Dex
Luckily, in this game, all you have to do to complete the Shinou Dex is SEE all the Pokemon in the Dex, as opposed to catching them like in previous games. And once you see all the Pokemon, you unlock the National Dex. There are 151 Pokemon in the Shinou Dex, but not all the new Pokemon are included in it.
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
National Dex --- Complete the Shinou Dex (see all 150 Shinou Pokemon, Manaphy (#151) is not included)

Unlock Pal Park
Pal Park will be on route 221 when you get the National Dex

Elekid and Magby
When you have Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen version in your GBA slot, it will unlock two Pokemon that cannot be found elsewhere.

Trainer card ranks
Complete the indicated task to earn stars and change the color of your trainer card.
#. Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
1. Black Trainer Card (five stars) --- Win 100 times in a row at the Battle Tower.
2. Blue Trainer Card (one star) --- Defeat the Elite Four.
3. Bronze Trainer Card (two stars) --- Win all of the Master Rank Contests.
4. Gold Trainer Card (four stars) --- Capture 482 different Pokemon.
5. Silver Trainer Card (three stars) --- Complete the Underground Flag mini-game with friends.

To get Lucario, go to Mt. Iron and search for a guy named Riley. After you teamed up with him, go search for two Team Galactic Grunts. (afcourse you have to fight with them.) After you beat them, you get an egg from Riley. Hatch it to get a Riolu, then evolve it to a Lucario. (It will only evolve at daylight)

Pokemon Masks
To get the three starter pokemon masks, first talk to the old lady on the first floor of the Veilstone Department Store. She will give you the Turtwig Mask. Then go to Pastoria City. Talk to a girl with blond hair. She will give you the Piplup mask. Finally go to Jubilife City. Go to the Jubilife TV building. Then go to the second floor. Talk to a man with sunglasses. He will give you the Chimchar mask.

Eevee evolved forms
After receiving eevee, think about what evolved form your eevee deserves. There are 7 choices: flareon, jolteon, vaporeon, espeon, umbreon, glaceon or leafeon. Use a fire stone to evolve eevee to flareon, thunder stone for jolteon, water stone for vaporeon, trade at day espeon, trade at night umbreon, train near the icy rock glaceon and train near the mossy rock leafeon.

How to Catch Regigigas
You must first have regirock, regice and registeel in your party and can be traded from sapphire, ruby or emerald using from pal park. Once the 3 are in your party, go to snowpoint temple. Only those with the national pokedex can be allowed to enter. Inside the snowpoint temple, search for regigigas. It will not appear randomly. Once found, battle and catch it. Remember the 3 regis must be in your party or you cannot battle nor catch it.

After receiving National Dex, you have to go to Hearthome City. Go to Bebe's home and talk to her. She then will give you an Eevee.

All Pokemon
You cannot catch all Pokemon in this game. You must trade them from your Game Boy Advance Pokemon games. In this game, you can get all the fourth generation Pokemon, but only about fifty original Hoenn / Kanto / Johto Pokemon.

Hatching eggs quickly
While still in Solaceon town, get on the far right side of the path next to the Pokemon Center. -- Simply ride your bike in the fastest gear up and down until you hit a tree or mountain and repeat. You must have done at least 400 steps each "lap" and get a egg or get one to hatch more quickly than riding elsewhere.

Mystery Gift
At the Jubilife television station, talk to anyone you see. If you find the person enter "EVERYBODY HAPPY". Then for the WiFi people enter "WI-FI CONNECTION". Those will get you Pokemon such as Arceus, Shaymin, and Darakai. Note: You must have a WiFi or DS wireless link cable.

Polishing your Badges
Open your Trainer card menu. Open your badge case and rub the stylus over the badges that you have won from the gym leaders. They will become shiny after a good polishing. Also, each badge makes a different noise, allowing you to play them like an instrument.

Calculator sound
Use the calculator on the Poketech. If you get an answer to a problem it will make a sound oise corresponding to the number/Pokemon in the Pokedex, but only if you have seen that Pokemon.

Tricking the clock
Because the in-game clock is in sync with your Nintendo DS and since certain events only happen every once in a while, there is a simple but not-so-obvious solution -- just adjust your DS clock. For example, the guard in the Pokemon Mansion is guarding the Bronze Statue around the clock, but he takes a break between 2 and 5 a.m. Just adjust your clock to that time and he will be gone. You can also do this to speed up berry production by jumping a few days back and forth.

Chatot: Chatter
If you do a bit of exploring and talking to people, you will eventually encounter someone who says that Chatot can learn human words. Once you obtain one (after trading with a girl in an early town) and get it to about level 20, it will learn the move Chatter. As they said, it can indeed learn human words. Once it learns Chatter, go to your Pokemon menu and select "Chatot". It will show Chatter along with summary, switch, and etc. From here, press A and record what you want to say in the DS mic. Not only will Chatot say what you said whenever you use the move Chatter, but it will become its cry. Note: This is not permanent, so you can change its Chatter as often as desired. Also, the speech will be slightly distorted so it will not sound exactly as you said it. The recorded sound lasts for only one day, so you will have to re-record it.

Amity Square Park items
In Amity Square Park in Hearthhome City, walk 200 steps, then talk to your Pokemon. It should be holding an item. Also, if you try to go in without a cute Pokemon, the man at the entrance will tell you which Pokemon are allowed.

Special items
Catch a Pokemon that knows the move Trick, then go to a Pokemon such as Bidoof or Starly. The Pokemon that knows the move Trick must have an item. Then, use the move Trick on the Pokemon and you will rarely get an item.

If someone is in your Secret Base and you are about to go back up to the surface, tell them first. If you go back up to the surface when someone else is in your Secret Base, it takes them back to the menu of the game, and they will lose all of the progress they made.

Tricking the clock
Because the in-game clock is in sync with your Nintendo DS and since certain events only happen every once in a while, there is a simple but not-so-obvious solution -- just adjust your DS clock. For example, the guard in the Pokemon Mansion is guarding the Bronze Statue around the clock, but he takes a break between 2 and 5 a.m. Just adjust your clock to that time and he will be gone. You can also do this to speed up berry production by jumping a few days back and forth.

Transferring Pokemon
When you transfer Pokemon from Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, Fire Red, Leaf Green,or Emerald, they can never go back to their original game. Do not transfer every Pokemon in the boxes you see. Make sure you leave at least some Pokemon with high levels and medium levels so you can still catch the strong Pokemon such as like legendaries.

Beating Gym Leaders The Easy Way
Here are some couple of Pokemon types you can use at the Gym Leaders of Sinnoh:
Roark: Fighting, Water, Grass, Ground. (there is a Machop at route 204)
Gardenia: Fire, Flying, Ice.
Maylene: Psychic, Flying. (I recommend a Noctowl, which I used)
Wake: Electric, Grass, Dragon (because he has a Gyarados)
Fantina: Anyone will work, only thing you need to do is train a lot
Byron: Grass, Water, Fighting, Fire.
Candice: Fire, Dragon, Ground.
Volkner: No hints for that one.

Evolve Pokemon With Love
If you aren't very successful at evolving pokemon that need love (Budew, Buneary, Happiny and more.) or if you're too lazy, try this. Catch the pokemon in a luxury ball, than give it a soothe bell. then train it till it evolves.

How to get papal
Pal Park will be on route 221 when you get the National Dex.

Easy level ups for weak pokemon
To get weak pokemon up quickly you have 4 options. Leave them in the day care and pay 100 + 100 per every level grow or put an exp share on the weak pokemon and put a strong pokemon at the front of your party and battle high level pokemon or put the weak pokemon at the front of the party and switch him out for a stronger pokemon next turn or trade pokemon with a friend and you both say to level those up to a certain level (traded pokemon get boosted exp per battle).

Television pokemon
Go to the Old Chateau between the hours of 10pm and 4am. Walk into any room with a television and look at the screens *(click "a" so your person "looks" at the screen)*. There is a possibility that a strange pokemon jumps out at you. This pokemon looks like a little electric castform.

Rhydon learn surf
Rhydon can learn surf seriously a rock/ground can learn surf makes battling easier.

How to get drifloon
If you are wondering how to get a drifloon and have been looking everywhere, well here is the answer to your problems, all you have to do is on a Friday (and it has to be Friday or else it is not there)go to the vally windworks and he will be there. He will be staying like legendary pokemon are! and that my friends is the way to get a drifloon!

How to get a shiny gyarados easily
Go to varity lakefront after you have court azelf, uxie and mespirt and use super rod, it could tackle a few times but it is by far the quickest way, it only took me 20 mins to get him, just make sure it's a super rod or it doesn't work!

The best starter
The best pokemon to start with is Empoleon in the end it's the best.

Box's hand
While moving pokemon in the box push "Y" to change the color of the hand from yellow to white.

Scizor Capture
The truth is in pearl, the area of scizor nor scyther is unknown. It can only be found in diamond. Trade with a diamond user who has a scyther and it shall evolve into scizor. If the both of you want scizor, cloning might have helped by using a ditto but takes a long time and patience.

Catching Drifblim
Unfortunately, its area is unknown so i suggest you to catch drifloon. During Friday, go to valley windworks and you'll find drifloon standing there. Go and catch it at once. Remember only Fridays. If the date on your ds is not Friday, adjust it. After catching drifloon, level it up until level 28 then it becomes a drifblim. Daycaring it up to level 28 is not going to work. Or daycare it up into level 27 and then do some training until it levels up and evolves. If you want another drifblim, do the same process. Another way for those with national pokedex is that for you to clone by catching a ditto at the grass patches near canalave. Then daycare driblim and ditto and it will breed the drifloon egg. Get the egg then hatch it. Its drifloon then level up to level 28 for another drifblim.

Shiny Stones
You can use shiny stones to evolve roselia to roserade and togetic to togekiss.

Free Masterballs
Fly to solaceon then save. Enter the house near the pokemon center then talk to the guy sitting there near the book. He will be asking for a random pokemon. Bring him the pokemon at once. Once you have the pokemon in the party, do not enter the house yet. Save it first then talk to the guy who is asking for the pokemon. He will give you any free pokeball. If not a masterball, turn off the ds and try again.

Giratina Capture
After receiving the national pokedex, go to sendoff spring then head to turnback cave and find giratina. Its easy to capture by battling it using staraptor. Only Slash attack works against it. So use ultra balls or timer balls.

Arcanine power
Breed a growlithe and hatch the egg you will have a level 1 growlithe use a firestone on growlithe and it will evolve into a level 1 arcanine. When you evolve growlithe at level 1 into arcanine, arcanine learns thunder fang, fire fang, and bite. Now that's a pretty good combination.
P.S. fire pokemon rule they are virtually indestructible

Creepy eyes
Go into the freaky house in the woods and up the stairs. When you go into the door on the 2nd floor turn right and find the room with a painting on the wall. Walk right in front of it. The eyes of the painting disappear. Run backwards & forwards in front of it and eventually you'll meet the extremely rare GENGAR!

The 15 Different Kinds of Pokeballs
Poke Ball - The most basic Pokeball. The professor's assistant will give you five near the start of your adventure, you have to buy them at a pokemart afterwards. HOW TO OBTAIN: Purchase it.
Great Ball - Slightly more effective than a Poke Ball. HOW TO OBTAIN: Collect three Gym badges.
Ultra Ball - Slightly more effective than a Great Ball. HOW TO OBTAIN: Collect 5 Gym Badges.
Master Ball - A 100% chance of capturing any Pokemon. HOW TO OBTAIN: Gain it from Team Galactic boss, Cyrus, in Galactic Veilstone Building.
Premier Ball - Has the same efficiency as a Poke Ball. HOW TO OBTAIN: It's free with the purchase of 10 Poke balls at one time.
Heal Ball - Restores HP of the Pokemon you caught and helps them recover from any special condition. WHERE TO BUY: Jubilife City, Oreburgh City, etc...
Net Ball - Raises probability of catching Bug and Water-type Pokemon. WHERE TO BUY: Oreburgh City, Floaroma Town, etc...
Dusk Ball - Raises probability of catching Pokemon at night or in caves. WHERE TO BUY: Solaceon Town, Pastoria City, etc...
Nest Ball - Raises probability of catching weaker Pokemon. WHERE TO BUY: Eterna City, Hearthome City.
Quick Ball - Raises probability of catching Pokemon at the very beginning of a battle. WHERE TO BUY: Pastoria City, Celestic Town, etc...
Timer Ball - Raises probability of catching a Pokemon the more turns the battle lasts. WHERE TO BUY: Celestic Town, Snowpoint City, etc...
Repeat Ball - Raises probability of catching a previously caught Pokemon. WHERE TO BUY: Canalave City, Pokemon League.
Dive Ball - Raises probability of catching Pokemon living in water. HOW TO OBTAIN: Work part-time at Pokemon News Press.
Luxury Ball - Makes the caught Pokemon bond with you. WHERE TO BUY: Sunnyshore City, Pokemon League.
Safari Ball - Only for use in the Pastoria Great Marsh. HOW TO OBTAIN: Pastoria Great Marsh.
NOTE TO READER: All Poke Balls except for Master Ball, Dive Ball and Safari Ball can be bought at the Pokemon League Poke Mart.

Trainer Flung
If you go to your Pokedex and check the weight for a large sized Pokemon, like Giratina, your trainer should be flung up in the air by the imbalance of weight on the scale.

2nd Way to Hatch an egg faster
When receiving an egg, choose an Pokemon that has the ability Magma Armor or Flame Body.Put that pokemon in your team, the ability will cause the number of steps cut in half.

How to catch an Giratina
It is kind of hard to catch Giratina, first, Go inside the Turnback Cave, search for Giratina, when you find it, it will be moving, like a moving statue.The easiest way to catch it is throwing a Master Ball. If you don't have one, lower down its HP to red. You have to have 6 Reapeat Balls and 20 Dusk Balls. Start throwing the Reapeat Balls, if you run out of Reapeat Balls, throw your Dusk Balls. You may capture him.

The good way to get Shiny Pokemon
To get Shiny pokemon, capture 2 Dittos. Put them in the Daycare in Solaceon Town. The chance of the Shinys may arrive. Or, simply walk in to the grass, use your Poke-Radar. If there is a Shiny Patch, walk in to it. There may be a Shiny. But it is Incredibly rare. I never found a Shiny.

Capture other peoples pokemon!
Use your Vs. Seeker or walk in front of a person. When the Trainer sends out his pokemon, tt's your choice, use a Master Ball or a Cherish Ball.

Lazy Training: Good!!!
If you want to train a pokemon and its to weak... Well use your Exp. Share! You must train with a Lv.55 to 45 or 40. Then go into victory road, or Route 223 or 222. You may train your battling pokemon and the pokemon that is not in battle, if your pokemon gets 200 Exp. Points or less, train in another place.

How to get much masterballs
You need to have to pokemons like miltank and touros. Give them both of them a masterball. Give them to the daycare lady. You will get eggs let them hatch and some of them got a masterball!!

Get the item evolutions with only one level
You all know that some of the pokemon have to be holding certain items to be able to evolve to their last form... And I'm sure you all get quite annoyed when you have to level them up a bunch just to get them there...
Well there's this nice little trick I think everyone who hates this should know about! If your trying to evolve a pokemon with an item, I suggest saving all the rare candies that you get through the game until the end... cause when you give a rare candy to a pokemon that needs an item to evolve while its holding that item, it only takes one rare candy to do the job!
This also works for the two new evolutions for Eevee!!! Just give the Eevee a rare candy while your next to either the mossy rock in the eterna forest or the icy rock in the blizzard area and they will immediately evolve!

Giratina in pokemon pearl and diamond
First gain your nationaldex by completing your sinnohdex and obtaining your pokeradar. Go to vielstone city, then go down completely and go in the little building and in this building, you will see a purple fat man (there is just one person in this building) if you talk to him, he will say something that the following route is ugly I think if he does, you are in the good way. Then continue going down and watch carefully at the trees at your right of the screen. Then you will see a new opening in these trees, go in. Continue going and you will see lot of grass there (there will be bibarels, staravia and a little chance chimeco) you will see a rock climb, use rock climb and you will see a bridge it is not necessary to go there there will be nothing you will see more grass there are many golducks continue and you will see a rock climb going down use rockclimb and you will see an entrance of a cave, go in! there will be fog in it and you will need to use rock smash. Then on somes big walls there will be codes ingore them and go in any directions you want(in the other caves in the sames cave) and if you some bronzong lv 66/65 or haunter lv66/65/64 or golbats that has mean look lv66/65, it means you are very close to GIRATINA.

How to get cresselia
After getting your national dex, fly in canalave city go in the sailors house(don't worry, his house is the closest house where it stands)go in and you will be seeing his son lying on his bed. Talk to him and he will be saying something about: dar. . .dark is watching me! he wanted to say darkrai is watching me. So go out again and talk to his father: the sailor and he will tell you if you can help his son say yes, and he will travel with you somewhere on a new ilsand called fullmoon island and it will appear like a new island on your map. Then when you are infront of him, do not save. He will fled if you talk that you must do then it will let an item on a floor take it. Then sail back to canalave and talk to the son of the sailor which will be in his house on his bed and tell you if you want to use the item found that cresselia let down and the son will wake up! now go and find cresselia.

How to catch azelf
First, you get a pokemon that can paralyze or put azelf to sleep. Then, keep on using false swipes. I recommend you use paralyze because if you put it to sleep, it will easily wake up. Keep on throwing different types of pokéballs because azelf is a psychic type, and more oddly, I caught my azelf with a net ball! It'll take about 15-20 pokéballs, and don't use your masterballs!!!

Put your pokemon in the daycare in Solaceon Town. Go outside onto the dirt road. Go all the way to the right on the dirt road and get on your bike. Go straight up until you hit a dead end. Then go straight down until you hit a dead end. If you have the poketch app daycare checker, now is the time to use it. After you go up and down a few times click on the screen with the poketch app daycare checker. If you have higher level pokemon, you will have to run longer.

Touch Pokemon Mansion statue
Around 2-5 am, the guard goes on break and you can go to the statue and get fingerprints on it, since the game time is in sync with the ds time, just change the time in the ds to make it morning.

Name Changes Cry
If you give your Pokemon his Chinese name, he will make a different sound then he used to do.

Legend of Zelda Reference
When you get the Azure Flute to get arceus (get the mystery gift for the flute) the flute will look like the ocarina of time from "legend of zelda and the ocarina of time".

Easy way to beat battle tower
If you have high level pokemon on any gba games...... get them all together migrate them to pokemon pearl catch them and challenge battle tower using the high lvl pokemon best off using the starter pokemon to gain an advantage.

Collecting All Unown
If you have collected all unowns, go to ruin maniacs tunnel. Go straight in the tunnel and you'll end up in the opening near solaceons tunnel.

In polishing badges, select your trainer card and press the button at the bottom of the gym leaders. Rub the badges each using your stylus until it becomes shiny. If you would notice, touch each badge at once in order starting from the oreburgh's badge to the sunyshore's badge. It would play do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti and do.

In the old chateou in the eterna forest go into the house and go up the stairs to your left and enter the room in the middle of the hallway while your still on the top floor. As soon as you enter the new floor, go to the room next to the rooom in front of you to your right. There you will see a purple picture. if you go near it, there will kust be a purple canvas, but if you go away from it, there will be two red dots like eyes staring at you from the picture...

Egg hatching
There is different time to a egg hatch. The most normal is 5000 steps, but some eggs took more steps to hatch. If you know who pokemon is inside you can sometime know how many steps to walk. With Hapinsay it took me 15000 steps before the egg hatch. Eevee take 10000-11000 steps

Pokemon Eggs
After recieving your national pokedex, you have to catch a ditto to mate. Put that and any of pokemon in the Solocean's Day Care Center. When there is an egg in Day Care app of the poketch, go to the husband and you will get the egg. When it hatches, it will be the pokemon you had the ditto mate with. It will have the same moves as the pokemon the ditto mated with. It is so cool!

How to unlock Ditto
To unlock Ditto go to the Pokemon Mansion go to the first room to the right and save the game. After, talk to mister Backlot and he will ask if you are envious 2 times and answer Yes. He will say to you a special Pokemon that he saw like Castform and if he don't say Ditto turn off the DS and start again, after go to the trophy garden and if you have good luck you will encounter a Ditto.

Burying Spheres
In the underground you can bury a sphere and bury the same kind where it is and it will be bigger. But it will not add the same amount as it gets bigger it's faster than normal!

Glich City!!! *any city (maybe)*
For example: in Jublife City and Calacave City, you got to enter this hall-like room where you can get the good rod. If you have an action replay, put the run or walk anywhere code. Walk/run though the trees next to the the room, turn around, and repeat the same thing. There you have Jublife City... Glitch style!!! Oh, if you do this with a bike, after you get off of your bike, you'll turn into a glitch box!!!

Loud level up
When you run into a wild pokemon scream / yell / play loud music into the mic. The pokemon should be higher level than it was supposed to be. Reminder: this only works on WILD POKEMON, not pokemon you've caught.

Go toold cheatu in eterna at night and go in the room with the purple painting and if there's a little girl in the room on the right, just watch. If shes not there, keep going in and out until you see her she will be in the room on the right. She will turn, the FLOAT out of the room. She goes through the door you can tell it doesn't sound like she iss opening or closing the door!!!

No Eyes
Go down route 214 to Valor lakefront, keep going south until you see a lady standing outside her motel room door, you will also a fat man, keep going to the southern edge of a paved path near 8 small bushes all in a row, walk east until the fat guy has a "!" over his head and he will push you back, now hes facing south, excellent, now make sure your as close as possible to a small square of bushes, walk east 3 steps and the fatty will lose his eyes.

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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers Of Time Nintendo DS Cheats

Special Missions and bonuses
Enter the following Wonder Mail codes after completing Chapter 10 to unlock the corresponding special mission.
#) >>>>> Code: >>>>> Result:
1) >>>>> 12=W P@TJ K@H1 4++- HMK7 8K3= >>>>> Aerial Ace TM Mt. Horn 11F
2) >>>>> 15+0 6-6Q K2CN KR+# %9K@ %WY9 >>>>> Ampharos Drenched Bluff 5F
3) >>>>> NK99 1452 905& 67N5 7679 @c+@ >>>>> Beauty Scarf
4) >>>>> Y#ST 42FM C4H+ NM@M =T99 9#PR >>>>> Blizzard
5) >>>>> 1RC-M9+90S#T XKQMJH@N34-M >>>>> Blue Gummi
6) >>>>> 6M=7 0HM% -9=X R%C6 NM1# 7F1J >>>>> Blue Gummi
7) >>>>> YTY3 HP5X YHC= 49PM 8NHF 9&YC >>>>> Blue Gummi Drenched Bluff B6F
8) >>>>> YTY3 HP5X YHC= 49PM 8NHF 9&YC >>>>> Blue Gummi Drenched Bluff B6F
9) >>>>> TCM0 #TX2 K-J& X997 %-J2 6@@R >>>>> Blue Gummi Mt. Bristle 9F
10) >>>>> 2J@7 PHST F2PX F=@9 @&22 N#X2 >>>>> Bonsly Mt. Bristle
11) >>>>> FN01 HWN- 00%F 8678 +XY@ &%#3 >>>>> Bottomless Sea Boss Kyogre Water Harmonica reward (increases Water-type Pokemon recruitment)
12) >>>>> H+5M 8JPY SKY+ %43M SJ&Q Y#+2 >>>>> Buneary (Explorers Of Darkness only)
13) >>>>> XR2Y #==@ JYX% 3@2F Q8FQ R@M# >>>>> Burmy (Explorers Of Darkness only)
14) >>>>> 962& 5@91 Y-8H 212X FC@5 WK9- >>>>> Combee (Explorers Of Darkness only)
15) >>>>> N54= MK=F SH1F CR8= R@HN 14#Y >>>>> Dawn Stone
16) >>>>> PJ-F 44%K 9++Q Y0KJ 9KKX R=%% >>>>> Dewgong Steam Cave 7F
17) >>>>> s4nk tf8t 387p -H%X 0M=3 =80% >>>>> Donphan
18) >>>>> JF7X QC92 K0WM 8KM& &7JN H558 >>>>> Dubious Disc
19) >>>>> 10S0-J#@1-N+ =+38-PM%J289 >>>>> Electivire recruitment
20) >>>>> PXJ6 34F4 4Q3F QW&K YRX5 38+= >>>>> Enigma Part
21) >>>>> Y2YS W595 T=XJ 39Y0 TWW2 +RY0 >>>>> Eevee recruitment
22) >>>>> 1R3C C@%9 2QT4 T1%N 9=P% @=H5 >>>>> Farfetch'd Northern Desert 8F
23) >>>>> P+WY W&KF JM4C JC85 H=K% QFM0 >>>>> Frozen Rock (Eevee to Glaceon)
24) >>>>> K%M1 W=69 5Q0= JCF0 53RH S90R >>>>> Garchomp recruitment
25) >>>>> W=1+7@242W9N -KP4TW58@NX1 >>>>> Gastrodon (blue)
26) >>>>> FH0T HYNH R0QF 86N8 +SY@ &%YN >>>>> Giant Volcano Boss Heatran Fire Drum reward (increases Fire-type Pokemon recruitment)
27) >>>>> @q8ST1MF#YRP 6-32MPKY9#&& >>>>> Glailie recruitment
28) >>>>> H7H0 H==@ JF4% 3+Q% +C0T JQSW >>>>> Gold Ribbon
29) >>>>> 1PH1 TKH7 =9MJ NY2T 58-3 3Y90 >>>>> Golden Apple
30) >>>>> @XY7 ST62 98XM 39P7 C3M4 7XM= >>>>> Happiny
31) >>>>> +9RK 4X-& 0YFR P51H X3Y7 H+P& >>>>> Happy Outlook
32) >>>>> Q9T3 2F98 =%Y+ F8&4 TX# TPJ-= >>>>> Hidden Power
33) >>>>> 7==C C3H8 Y+4P 429M Q@CF %7FM >>>>> Hyper Beam
34) >>>>> S45X HW6W J1JT 7MNT 1==5 FN@# >>>>> Iron
35) >>>>> &+PS P28R XJ7X MCKP =3S2 %3KP >>>>> Joy Ribbon
36) >>>>> @470 #%7H H05M =+K2 FJ=J 9T2R >>>>> Joy Ribbon Foggy Forest
37) >>>>> #&#H QTX= KW8& X%MK CRJR 7@89 >>>>> Joy Seed
38) >>>>> +7TM 43-= CT4R 44P5 9M06 =M&2 >>>>> Joy Seed Zero Isle East B31F
39) >>>>> 23+H F199 J1J+ FR0S 5X20 &JPJ >>>>> Kings Rock
40) >>>>> 3PNY =#87 NC45 @CW- S7%H J6T5 >>>>> Lake Afar
41) >>>>> %H#N 33@F 66#5 6%CT 2H9W =4QF >>>>> Landslide Cave
42) >>>>> F=4X T7SH M8+3 #C62 Q37H 3JJ3 >>>>> Leafeon recruitment Serenity River B4F
43) >>>>> =J+7 M199 JRJ+ F-H& M6Y5 &J7M >>>>> Link Cable
44) >>>>> KCT@ C&51 &2S& 6%%W 0WYW #H0- >>>>> Linoone
45) >>>>> YNP5 Q&%9 HP5+ SWK5 60P0 W1%W >>>>> Lost Wilderness
46) >>>>> +C5P J0R4 PYFN CC4K &51 0KRY >>>>> Lunar Ribbon
47) >>>>> J445 H1NT 051@ J++3 30#7 8Q&P >>>>> Luxray recruitment
48) >>>>> HP4W -@TF N7T7 5F#6 6H=7 #7R= >>>>> Magmorter recruitment Apple Woods
49) >>>>> 78SR -H2MP 0+4 Y6FY 1&Y+ #R9S >>>>> Maze Cave Boss Gabite Gabite's Scale reward
50) >>>>> 20SR T5+- X&QC P9@2 ==X9 P#NH >>>>> Midnight Forest
51) >>>>> HF4C J4&X =@16 56YJ C%5M +PRT >>>>> Miltank
52) >>>>> &&HJ QM40 S2SM OM52 RCHK MFJ@ >>>>> Mobile Scarf Crevice Cave 9F
53) >>>>> &+8+ =QX= -6M% 7M4+ +-PS QP%K >>>>> Moon Stone
54) >>>>> 5KTH TPTJ PF6T &0S9 Y45H PQ8K >>>>> Mossy Rock
55) >>>>> 4MP= K98# CT%Y R@-- &P7% %K86 >>>>> Mt. Avalanche Cave Boss Articuno Ice Flute reward (increases Ice-type Pokemon recruitment)
56) >>>>> Q&+2 %1CS S1XM WY-4 8T0T C20Y >>>>> Mt. Mistral
57) >>>>> X%8S WYY+ S-JF PFH@ @##K 5W8K >>>>> Mysterious Jungle Boss Mew Grass Trumpet reward (increases Grass-type Pokemon recruitment)
58) >>>>> R#F& =7R3 R37X +Q+& 6FWK YJN5 >>>>> Oran Forest
59) >>>>> X&=5 -Q&X 2W=K R97X N6CP T=5+ >>>>> Oval Stone
60) >>>>> #S%K +NS8 =3=F 89@Q 3C%5 56&4 >>>>> Pachirisu (Explorers Of Darkness only)
61) >>>>> N@34 8SM9 6-R6 2Q2K #MJ% -6+Y >>>>> Piplup (female)
62) >>>>> 49W= #-MK 3=NH Y378 P444 6M#Q >>>>> Psych Up
63) >>>>> @T1K JYJ4 R4K+ NN@- RKKK JH34 >>>>> Rampardos Drenched Bluff B5F
64) >>>>> 0&%9 =Q&X 2H4K RCT6 XJ9& 5=83 >>>>> Reviver Seed
65) >>>>> 6@YW ST%H +TN& C0K7 Y7#& SQ-7 >>>>> Riolu (Explorers Of Darkness only)
66) >>>>> C=RS QTC- 3S%T M#QQ 8&FW CJ40 >>>>> Riolu (Explorers Of Darkness only)
67) >>>>> MX81 6@-W 74&R PMN- X@K- H0H4 >>>>> Roost
68) >>>>> 0K3% 1Y&W H3M4 4P6R &RW0 +-PW >>>>> Rotom (Explorers Of Darkness only)
69) >>>>> '@Q-# -RPY S4H+ %SQM #4PQ N0X0 >>>>> Safeguard
70) >>>>> PQ1R -KQ@ CFXC WF55 0XN1 6H0C >>>>> Serenity River
71) >>>>> S6P& 198+ -5QY R&22 FJMK W1XF >>>>> Serenity River X-Scissor reward
72) >>>>> 33SC 7WNH &P8F 8QFX %0#- 43R4 >>>>> Shiftry
73) >>>>> 8#QX 4Q&X WWFK R17% -#9F 5=C9 >>>>> Shimmer Hill
74) >>>>> #&S6 NY2& YJN= 1P57 F0MN MH7Y >>>>> Shimmering Desert Boss Groudon Earth Cymbal reward (increases Ground-type Pokemon recruitment)
75) >>>>> HW+8 66%T 5S51 +J5Y 4-K# H@P- >>>>> Sky Stairs Boss Rayquaza Flying Pianaca reward (increases Flying-type Pokemon recruitment)
76) >>>>> PMJ- &T@9 =5H3 H4H0 +&X0 =@%J >>>>> Smeargle
77) >>>>> 6YMY 27FM FRW2 MKTP T9J4 NRM0 >>>>> Stamina Band
78) >>>>> S=W7 3&8S 2CSQ 0-7Y HP3+ H260 >>>>> Stone Plate
79) >>>>> %1T7 #TWY J+96 0-47 &W@= J+Q@ >>>>> Sun Ribbon
80) >>>>> 0T&Y FQ7C JHH8 M7W# MKK1 -M1% >>>>> Swords Dance
81) >>>>> WNWY JXTK &5C1 4N3- P4NM 8K&C >>>>> The Great Hole Boss Giratina Rock Megaphone reward (increases Rock-type Pokemon recruitment)
82) >>>>> #PS9 QK50 3PPN F@+Q TX#-HQ7T >>>>> Tiny Meadow
83) >>>>> FCCS #09= 5T+6 Y#03 3P@Y PQ#@ >>>>> Tiny Meadow
84) >>>>> SNYK F+3- ##R& &X5T RM6J 9-RF >>>>> Tiny Meadow
85) >>>>> 7P5J -12X TKXQ 9C=X TPHW F1FR >>>>> TM Blizzard
86) >>>>> 4-13 P@1X S%45 H5WS 084& P+-R6 >>>>> TM Dig
87) >>>>> 6S+& 2YNC 655F 8JF4 CF27 P%Q@ >>>>> TM Flamethrower
88) >>>>> QM5= @J4J #+8= &H48 Q2%4 J1K3 >>>>> TM Grass Knot
89) >>>>> P%#F RRFX P2@0 6Y31 PCQ8 K@7@ >>>>> TM Overheat
90) >>>>> %Y-7 J2H8 3HWH @=1P P6YM 9S7J >>>>> TM Poison Jab
91) >>>>> HXK8 8-NS -XJ5 X0W@ W8NS S#HT >>>>> TM Psychic
92) >>>>> 9%Y7&695TYHJ 34XYTR4J=RJ3 >>>>> TM Recycle
93) >>>>> TKTW W=TK 5WJ# 3WFR 0C10 K01X >>>>> Tyranitar recruitment
94) >>>>> M-@J HFCC CMR8 &WS# 1=01 =TW& >>>>> Vacuum-Cut
95) >>>>> 4N%Q 8M64 M3XQ 8P03 70XW -XM3 >>>>> Weavile (female) recruitment
96) >>>>> %1K4 W36M H3KP WS0R S&PJ 8QJP >>>>> X-ray Specs
97) >>>>> WTN1 XQ9C Q8#4 QR%J N468 F8F# >>>>> Yanmega Crystal Cave B8F
98) >>>>> @WWH K8X1 8@C+ C8KT N51H #213 >>>>> Zinc Band

To be able to evolve your starter and partner you have to beat all of the boss pokemon and recruit Dialga and Palkia. When you try to evolve before that it won't let you because you are involved in a matter in space and that is only because there is still a little bit of the storyline after you beat the game.

Recruit Articuno and get the Ice Flute
To recruit Articuno you must first unlock Mt. Avalanche. Then you have to follow all the floors until you get to the end. At the end Articuno will challenge you to battle. Defeat him and then a small yellow box will appear. Get it and Articuno will appear again. He will then ask to join your team.

How to evolve your starters
Go to Spacial Reef and recruit Palkia also after you beat the game (which means that you defeated Darkrai) Creselia will be waiting for you at Sharpedo Bluff and will ask to join your team then do some random missions for a while (sentry duty doesn't count) then Chatot will come running to you and tell you that Manaphy has returned and is waiting for you at the beach he is going to ask to join your team then do a few more missions then Manaphy will come running to tell you that he found a new dungeon called Marine Resort then you can go to Luminous Lake and evolve your starters (you don't need to explore Marine Resort or get Dialga to join your team to evolve but you can do those things if you want to).

Defeating Primal Dialga/Dialga
To defeat Primal Dialga/Dialga, you must be at least level 45. Also bring four to six Reviver Seeds because he knows Roar Of Time which causes a lot of damage. If you get the chance, throw a Sleep Seed at him to take a bit of health away. He has about 500 HP. Also, change your partner's moves. If done correctly, you will defeat Dialga and finish the game. On the second visit after the credits, go back and kill him again so that you can recruit him; it will help with Bosses later on.

Easy Reviver Seeds
After you graduate the guild, you can do sentry duty whenever desired. If you get a perfect score, you will get 300 to 500 coins and three other items. The first one is usually a scarf or bow of some kind, the second is always a Reviver Seed, and the last item can be anything. It is very easy and can be done as many times as needed.