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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Magical Starsign Nintendo DS Cheats

Tag mode bonuses
Note: This requires two DS systems and two copies of the game start tag mode. Select a saved game file and exchange to get an Amigo. For more Amigos, start new saved game file in an empty slot, enter Tag mode, exchange, and repeat. Turn in the indicated number of Amigos in Tag mode to get the corresponding bonus.
#. Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
1. Amigo Book (move) --- 10 Amigos
2. Egg (random element) --- 1 Amigo
3. Egg Boots (part of "Egg" set) --- 50 Amigos
4. Egg Cloak (part of "Egg" set) --- 40 Amigos
5. Egg Hat (part of "Egg" set) --- 5 Amigos
6. Egg Ring (part of "Egg" set) --- 25 Amigos
7. Egg studs --- 75 Amigos. Note
8. Fifth Egg (Light or Dark Element) --- 100 Amigos
9. Fourth Egg (random element) --- 60 Amigos
10. Second Egg (random element) --- 15 Amigos
11. Third Egg (random element) --- 30 Amigos

Glissina Cave secret
On Nova, in the Spiny Mole's tunnel, there is a small "X" on the map when you first enter the tunnel. On the first visit, this has no significance. However, if you return to the "X" after visiting Shadra for the first time, the "X" will turn into a hole that leads to Glissina Cave. In Glissina Cave, you must fight your way through many fights to the final floor. Once there you get an item that helps you defeat Master Macadameus. Note: The monsters in Glissina Cave can be tougher than the final Boss. Proceed with caution. Also, you cannot enter Glissina Cave if you have already defeated Shadra's first form.

Easy experience
Each time you level up, 100 experience points are needed. This is helpful because if you are very weak (at a low level) you will earn a lot more experience points. Note: Try training somewhere you think is best for your level. If your level is high, try Capsicum Caverns on Razen, the fire planet. If you are at a low level try the woods on Gren, the wood planet. Keep in mind that the maximum level is 99.

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