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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Madden NFL 2005 Nintendo DS Cheats

Cheat Mode
Touch the small spot on the main menu to display the cheat entry box. Then enter one of the following codes:
#. Code: - Result:
1. SMASHMOUTH - Harder Hits
2. SUPERSLICK - More Fumbles
3. BADPASS - More Interceptions
4. SAD SACK - More Sacks
5. SHORTTIME - Opponent gets Three Downs
6. LONGTIME - You get Five Downs

Endzone ball!
Hold L after you score a touch down to spike the ball!

If you are playing in season mode, to get more passing yardage, use Directional mode. It will show when a receiver is open, and you can still throw the ball when a receiver is not fully open.

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