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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Lunar: Dragon Song Nintendo DS Cheats

Begin RockMan (MegaMan) crossover quest
While at the eastern solar bank press: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, L, R, L, R.

Unlockable Titles
Complete the specified task to obtain the title.
#. Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
1. Adventurer --- Finish the Epilogue Tower
2. Dark Knight --- Reach level 99 with Sabata
3. Gladiator --- S-Rank all boss battles
4. Guardian --- Max out the protection capabilities of all sheilds
5. Gun Master --- Raise the level of all of Django's guns to 16
6. Hunt Master --- Defeat one of every type of monster
7. Shooting Master --- S-Rank every Laplace stage
8. Sol Gunner --- Reach level 99 with Django
9. SP Agent --- Clear all quests assigned by the guild
10. Sword Master --- Raise the level of all of Sabata's weapons to 16
11. Treasure Master --- Obtain all accessories
12. Wanderer --- Clear the game on every difficulty

Switch fighting modes
To change between fighting modes, press R during game play.

Items and experience
In order to gain experience after battle, use your stylus to tap the icon of your character. His eyes should now be closed. After defeating enemies, you should see them turn into golden balls. These are your experience points. However, you will not gain any items. If you wish to receive items, tap on your character's face again on the bottom screen with the stylus. His eyes should now be open (Combat mode). After battle, you will receive items, but no experience.

Blue treasure chests
Blue treasure chests can only be opened once all the enemies on the screen are defeated. Afterwards, once you open the chest you will recover 30% of your HP and MP. In order to know how many enemies are on the screen, you will see a check on the bottom screen, indicated that the enemy is defeated. Blue chests usually contain armor and weapons.

Faster fights
When fighting monsters in the game, you can speed up the fight by holding L or R. If you hold L the fight will become quicker. If you hold R the fight will become slightly faster than holding L. If you hold L + R, the fight will be very fast.

When trying to escape using the microphone, instead of saying "Escape", just blow into the microphone a little bit. The game picks out the "pe" part of "Escape".

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