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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Luminous Arc 2 Nintendo DS Cheats

Secret Characters: Therese and Alicia
In Chapter 27, a guild quest called "Rainbow Road" will appear. Complete the quest and these two characters will join your party.

"Finding Kaph" secret event
You can trigger this after getting Sadie or after Roland becomes a master.
1. Head to the Rev Magic Academy and trigger the "Find Kaph" event.
2. Head to Mistia next and select the same titled event that is available. Luna, Dia and Sadie will be forced in a battle afterwards.

"Crab Chef" side-event
You can trigger this event after Roland becomes a master and after Althea wakes up.
1. Go to Mialsa Mabriton and select to “Visit the Resto”
2. After the scene, head to Azul Forest and select "Hunt for Crabs". Defeat 8 crabs in the ensuing battle and watch the following scenes.

"Fighting Kroft" side event
You can trigger this event at soon as chapter 28 starts.
1.Talk to Karen in Calcus Highway
2.Head to Pearl Park, select first option to enter the battle against Kroft's gang.

"The Masters' Challenge" side event
1.Talk to Josie in Tottori Desert
2.Go to Stiles Ruins for a one on one battle against Matias' soul.
This battle will prove difficult since Matias can sometimes take two immediate turns. To avoid wasting MP and turn to restore your health, having lapis seeds like Reduce Damage and/or Vigor can really help a lot. Unleash your most powerful attacks, like the Fracture Slash behind him or to his sides. You can't use any FD at the moment so use your DP to increase the power of your attacks. Once Matias' HP drops between 900-1500, the battle will end.

"Hardboiled Hotsprings" hidden event
Hot Spring Alpha
1.Go to Hemill Water Ruin to watch a scene with Yugo and Cecilia
2.Head to the Bullhem Volcano in the region and select the option to terminate the kopins.

Hardboiled Hot Springs
Be careful of the green kopin since its attacks are pretty devastating. The fire kopins themselves tend to use area-damage spells so be aware of that. Just the kopins off and you'll be thrown in another battle against them.
Your team will be deployed in two different positions in the next area. The kopins aren't that hard to kill at all so just go all out if you want to.
After the battle, select talk to everyone and you'll have an intermission screen. The character you'll choose is the character Roland will take a bath in the hot springs with. Fortunately, you can enter the battle over and over again to view the “hot spring” scenes with any character! Also, since it consists of two battles, the characters you bring along with Roland during the second part will appear in the intermission screen. This is also the only (and amusing chance) for you to view your favorite female characters in their swimsuit.

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