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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Legend Of Zelda: Spirit Tracks Nintendo DS Cheats

To unlock the following, complete the following tasks:
#. Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
1. Engineer's Outfit --- Collect 15 Stamps
2. Shield of Antiquity ("Crab" Shield from Phantom Hourglass) --- Collect 10 Stamps
3. Sword Scroll 2 (Great Spin Attack) --- Collect 20 Stamps

Take 'Em All On Rewards
As you play through the quest, three Take 'Em All On challenges will be unlocked in Hyrule Castle Town (southeast corner). Here are the rewards for beating the challenges:
1 - Heart Container
2 - Bomb Bag II (carry 30 bombs)
3 - ???

Rescuing Bunnies Rewards
When you get the bunny net you can unlock useful items.
1. Heart Container - Catch 5 bunnies
2. Sword scroll 1 (sword beam) - Catch 50 bunnies

Goron Pep Talk Reward
After taking the small Goron to Castle Town you eventually be able to strike up a conversation with him that goes something like this: He tells you he is discouraged by city life and spent all of the money his grandfather had given him. Choose to tell him to "Cheer up." The Goron child will perk up and then the game will give you 2 more choices. Pick the top one. The young Goron will thank you for the pep talk, and give you Goron Amber.

Raise the Desert
After completing the Sand Temple, go back to the Sand Sanctuary with the sand wand and raise the sand in the Sanctuary. There are 3 Big Green Rupees hidden in the sand.

Spirit Flute Songs
The Spirit Flute can be used to play songs for various effects at any time when you select it from the item menu (far right). Songs can be found throughout the dungeons, villages and other areas of Spirit Tracks. They reside in stones shaped like Rocket Ships (called "Air Stones"). When you tap these stones, the song will play and colored spheres showing the correct notes on the flute's scale will stream from the rocket stone. Take out your flute and play the song shown to memorize it. You can refer to songs in the Collection menu. Here is a list of the songs and their uses:

Song of Awakening // LIGHT BLUE, RED
Location: The Forest Sanctuary
Learn this song in the western area of the Forest Sanctuary. The Song of Awakening wakes up the one-eyed, bunny-eared stone statues, called "Gossip Stones," found in the dark recesses of Hyrule. These statues provide Link with clues about treasure among other things.

Location: The Forest Temple
The Air Stone with this tune is on the train platform at the beginning of the Forest Temple, Floor 1. You can use the Song of Healing to restore all of your hearts once in a dungeon. After using it, you must exit the dungeon before you can use it again.

Location: Papuchia Village
You'll be forced to learn this song on your quest for Carben, the Ocean Sage. The Song of Birds summons birds to your side. This works on cuccos, doves and the birds that carry grapple points for your whip in the southwest region of Papuchia Village and in the Ocean Sanctuary.

Location: Trading Post
This Air Stone is sitting near Linebeck's grave in the northern portion of the Trading Post. The Song of Light makes diamond-shaped crystal objects glow and emit a ray of light. You'll have to use this to solve certain puzzles.

Song of Discovery // RED, YELLOW, RED, LIGHT BLUE
Location: Anouki Village
An Air Stone in the center of Anouki Village holds this song. Play the Song of Discovery to reveal treasure chests and other things (like stairs) hidden in certain areas. Check circles of boulders, for instance, or the base of trees. Usually you'll have a clue about the location of the hidden object from a map or a bunny-eared Gossip Stone (see the Song of Awakening).

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