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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Kirby Squeak Squad Nintendo DS Cheats

Unlock Boss and Cake
By completing the game you can unlock Boss Endurance mode for Minigame and a Cake for your collection

Unlock Time Attack mode
Collect all 120 chests throughout the game. To unlock Time Attack mode.

Super Electricity
Find a black cloud. Then use the electricity.

Birthday Message
Play on your birthday, and you'll get a special message after the startup sequence!

Secret World
Collect the hidden map pieces from each of the other worlds to gain access to the tower in the middle of the World Map.

Special Abilities
To get some special abilities, you need to do the following:
#. Unlockable: - How to Unlock:
1. Fire Sword - Mix fire and sword (sword scroll needed)
2. Ghost - Get all of the pieces for the Ghost Medal and then beat the ghost mini boss (you will find him randomly instead of another mini boss).Then inhale him.
3. Ice Bomb - Mix ice and bomb (bomb scroll needed)
4. Ice Sword - Mix ice and sword (sword scroll needed)
5. Thunder Bomb - Mix lightning and bomb (bomb scroll needed)
6. Thunder Sword - Mix lightning and sword (sword scroll needed)
7. Triple Star - Beat the boss on area 8(the one before the final boss) he will drop the Triple Star ability that you can use.

Classic kirby
You cant unlock him by selecting him, but but there's a way how to make him appear and play as him.

If you have unlocked the "Clank" couler, replace the couler your using and use the clank couler.

Now if you inhale a sword type or any type of enime, the sword and cap will be grey!

These will only work: sword, fire, ice, triple star, animal, thunder, magic, thunder sword, bomb, fire, sword, ice sword, thunder bomb, ice bomb, hammer, cupid, wheel, sleep, zap, laser, fire, ice, thunder, fighter, throw, u.f.o.

It wont work on these: metal, ghost

*NOTE* When you copy a sword or any type, the sword and the cap(and you)will show you a little glow and the glow will make couler come back for a few seconds. Also, if your glowing and a eime is in front,run past the enime cause if your glowing, you'll be invinceable for a few seconds. Also (again) if you get hit at times (without holding any power) the glowing thing will happen again. Run past and get your revenge!

If your glowing, don't count on running past a waddle dee (or do) cause if your thinking the invinceable will have the same effect as the candy, it wont.

Knock out a oppoment by jumping on them
Seen waddle dees/doos and other bad guys
normaly, when you jump on a waddle dee/doo
you get hurt but the waddle dee blows up.

But if you jump relley high, kirby will look down when hes falling

land on a waddle dee when kirbys doing that and good-bye waddle dee as it explodes and no damage is took you can do it lots of times.

Does not damage boss's and mini boss's

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