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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Draglade Nintendo DS Cheats

There are extra characters in this game, and here is how to get them.
Unlockable: - How to Unlock:
Asuka - Complete Daichi's story.
Gyamon - Complete Guy's story.
Koki - Complete Hibito's story.
Shura - Complete Kairu's story.

Shadow of Darkness bonus quest
Successfully complete Story mode with all default characters, with the "Fire Major", "Aqua Major", "Rock Major", and "Elec Major" titles to unlock the "Shadow Of Darkness" bonus quest at Synethesia.

Major Titles
These are titles unlocked after beating the story of one Character.
Unlockable: - How to Unlock:
Earth Major - Beat Earth Hero's story
Elec Major - Beat Thunder Hero's story
Fire Major - Beat Fire Hero's story
Water Major - Beat Water Hero's story

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