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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Digimon World DS Nintendo DS Cheats

Digimon World Passwords
Enter one of the following passwords at the purple portal inside Digimon Central.
Password: - Result:
82607991 - 100% Scan of Dot Agumon (jp ver.)
20406002 - 100% Scan of Dot Falcomon (jp ver.)
50620106 - Ultima Sword, Ultima Helm and Ultima Ring. (jp ver.)

Digimon World Passwords (US)
Enter the password at the purple portal inside Digimon Central's Accel Room.
Password: - Result:
20000630 - Obtain 100% Scan Data for DotAgumon
10407002 - Obtain 100% Scan Data for DotFalcomon
42016002 - Obtain Ultimate Swd, Ultimate Brr, and Ultimate Ring

Unlockable Tamer ranks
Perform the following tasks in order to unlock the specified Tamer Ranking.
Unlockable: - How to Unlock:
Bronze - Complete the areas for the first digimon god
Gold - Complete the areas for the third digimon god
Platinum - Complete the areas for the forth digimon god
Silver - Complete the areas for the second digimon god
Tamer King - Complete the game once

ChoronomonHM scan data
To get choromonHM, first defeat choronomonDM then you will become the tamer king. after that, you go back to the place that you fight choronomonDM. choronomonHM will be there win the battle then digiconvert him.

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