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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Diddy Kong Racing DS Nintendo DS Cheats

Secret Characters
Hidden characters that can be unlocked
#. Unlockable: - How to Unlock:
1. T.T. - Complete all of his ghosts in Single Player Race. It DOESN'T include the new unlockable stages
2. Taj - Complete Adventure 1
3. Wizpig - Complete Adventure 2

Unlock Adventure 2
Complete everything in Adventure 1. After the second Wizpig race in space and the credits, you'll unlock Adventure 2.

Fling a frog up to the green sillouette shaped frog picture in the world map (left of Wizpigs face). Stomp on the frog that comes out.

Opening the Cracked Wall
When you start, follow the track round until you go in a tunnel. In here, there is a cracked wall with a picture of Wizpig. Draw round Wizpig's head (ears included) and the wall should smash open. You must be quite accurate and it may take a few attempts.

Easy coins
When you go to the beach, there should be a series of dots in the sand. Join them up into a circle. A number of coins will fall. Collect them all. Keep repeating this until it no longer accepts the dots joined up.

Super Boost
Before landing on a zipper or using a blue balloon, let go of the acceleration button to get a much stronger longer lasting boost then normal.

100 Coins
After defeat the Bosses the second time you can go back and try the Boss Touch Challenge. They are very difficult, especially the one at Dino Domainone.

Wizpig Amulet
Defeat the Bosses from each World twice (the first Battle and the Boss Rematch).

T.T. Amulet
Get all of the secret keys nd open all the doors with them. Defeat T.T. in all the tracks you create and you will gain a piece each time. Make the track shorter for a quicker win.

When playing in Adventure mode or Single Race mode, you can gain speed and overtake a racer by driving behind them until white speed lines appear behind you. Note: You must stay directly behind a racer for this to work.

More effective turbo boosts
You can get more effective turbo boosts by releasing A before you hit a zipper or by using a blue balloon. You will hear and see a difference.

Snowball Valley: Secret key
After passing through the Snowball valley and exiting the igloo tunnel, move through the Balloon row that you see. Go down the straightaway to the finish line. Then, hang a left just before the candy cane holding up the finish line banner. Move up the hill towards a picket fence, then turn right to find a small cubbyhole containing the key.

Snowflake Mountian: Ice balloon
On the way to Snowflake Mountain, to the right of the entrance will be a balloon in an Ice Block. Use the stylus to slide it all the way down the path and into the water. It will float all the way down the river and will be thawed out, waiting to be collected at the beach.

Dino Domain: Loose Balloon
On the road up to Dino Domain, there will be a balloon sitting there waiting to be collected.

Crescent Island: Secret key
Start the Crescent Island level and pass by the big river on your left. After this river, there will be a little lagoon. The key is in here.

Boulder Canyon: Secret key
Go across the drawbridge and hit the blue balloon and the little bell. You should now have a boost. Turn around and wait until the drawbridge is fully raised. Boost up it and you should now be sitting on a ledge with the key.

Beach: Cracks in the wall
Go down to the beach and touch a coconut tree with your stylus. Pull one of the trees back and release it. You can make three cracks in the wall. Collect them quickly. Coins will appear which can quickly disappear after about ten seconds.

Beach: Scratch card
Go down to the sand where you join the dots. Connect the dots to make a pentagon shape to get a free Scratch Card.

Beach: Secret balloon
Go down to the Beach where you join the dots. Instead of drawing a circle, draw a balloon. A secret balloon will appear. This may require a few attempts.

Beach: Easy coins
When you go to the Beach, there should be a series of dots in the sand. Connect them into a circle. A number of coins will fall. Collect them all. Keep repeating this until it no longer accepts the dots joined up.

Ancient Lake: Secret key
At the start of the Ancient Lake level, there will be a ramp on the right. Collect a blue balloon and boost up the ramp collecting the key.

Adventure mode: Hidden balloon
Talk to Taj to get a plane. Fly just past the island and on the west side you will see fourteen dots. Take your stylus and draw a balloon. You will receive the hidden balloon. Note: If you do not do it correctly you will hear a noise. If this happens, try again.

Enter the tt challange faster
When you get the key,forfet(quit) the race.
You should then go in to the challange in a few seconds after quiting the match.

Walrus Cove- Secret Key
Go to Snowball Valley. To left before the fork. You do not have to come in first.

Banjo series references
The key in the Snowball Valley looks like the Ice Key from the Banjo series.

Get T.T. (and the rest)
Now this maybe stupid but T.T. ( and the rest as well)is playable. he's the racers in order:

yes the geinen him self is playebil too
to get taj finish off the first pack of worlds (adencer one) and taj is in your hands

the boss of the game is now playabil too
finish the first advencer and get taj. keep playing him and if you finish the second pack of worlds (adevcer 2) the ugly pig is in the racer screen

This guy is not so good on handling but good on speed that is, did you drive past the left of the first boss on advencer 1 or 2? if you back up on to the grass youll notice a pating of a frogs head at the side of the wizpig boss nuber one (one the left). and see the frogs bouncing around too? they come your way. so you know what to do? of couse you do. The hands on the frogs means this frog + frog paiting of a head + bounce it up there + frog with a red monhawk + run (or drive over) frog= ta-da! drum stick on the racer screen.

And finaly the stopwatch man, the clock that comes to time trial you on singe race and wish race and its.

t - t
i - i
i - tt - i - tt
i - tt - i - tt

yes! it is him on the good handling
this is what you need to do! the last of the last! to obtain the last one of the racers finish all of single races time trials. NOTE: you don't need to do all of the mirror mode or coin races (or mirror mode + coin race = mirror mode coin ch.!!!)
Basically it means beating all of the 5 (the secret world is in but the trhoy?)
worlds. the worlds are "DINO DOMIN", "SNOWFLAKE MOUTIN", "SERBIT ILEND", "DRAGON FORIST" and the last one is "FUCHERE FUN LAND".

Item power ups
A blue balloon will give you a boost.
A red one gives you a missile.
A green gives you a oil slick.
A purpile is magnitge.

let me tell you the best power ups(that need 'boost' missile' magnitge' and 'oil slick').....

1x boost(1 balloon needed)speed: fast
2x boost(2 balloons needed)speed: very fast
3x boost(3 balloons needed)speed: TOO FAST

1x missile (1 only)lock on type: no lock on
5x missiles (two only)lock on type: 5 only
1x homing missile(three only)lock on type: racer in 1st place

1x magnitge (one) ability: switch places with the racer in front of you
2x magnitge (two) ability: ???
3x magnitge (three) ability: ???

1x slick (1) slick type: oil
2x slick (2) slick type: spike ball
3x slick (3) slick type: ???

(I did not put this on the top of the cheat thing but the (^) tokens can change the weapons ability. This means you can change the way you hurt racers AND get a different weapon to use(like boost. Press x when you have the (^) token and ta-da! the boost is now a control portil weapon) heres the best i found on my ds.....

portil that makes your cpu or ai racer get dizzy and there atuo drive goes on.

3x missiles spinning around you and automatically hit your cpu or ai racers.


magnitge missile (that has the same ability as the missile that heads for the racer in 1st place)

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