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Monday, December 19, 2011

Brain Age 2: More Training In Minutes A Day Nintendo DS Cheats

Unlock Stuff!
After collecting certain amounts of stamps, you can unlock special things:
Unlockable: - How to Unlock:
Calculate The Height (Hard Mode) - Get a perfect (5/5) score on normal mode
Calculate the Height (New Training) - 22 Stamps
Correct Change (New Training) - 1 Stamp
Days & Time (New Training) - 6 Stamps
Determine The Time (New Training) - 16 Stamps
Finish Position (New Training) - 10 Stamps
Masterpiece Recital (Hard Mode) - Get a perfect (100/100) score on normal mode
Memory Addition (Hard Mode) - 24 Stamps
Memory Addition (Hard Mode) - Complete normal mode in under 40 seconds.
Memory Addition (New Training) - 3 Stamps
Missing Symbols (Hard Mode) - 20 Stamps
Select Song (Masterpiece Recital Extra) - 14 Stamps
Stamp Designer (Extra Option) - 8 Stamps
Tips (Extra Option) - 5 Stamps
Word Blend (Hard Mode) - 12 Stamps
Word Blend (New Training) - 2 Stamps

Stamp Unlockables for US version:
Unlockable: - How to Unlock:
Access Brain Tips - 05 Stamps
Block Count Game - 22 Stamps
Block Count Hard Mode - 26 Stamps
Calendar Count Game - 06 Stamps
Change Maker Game - 02 Stamps
Choose Songs on Piano Player - 12 Stamps
Clock Spin Game - 16 Stamps
Math Recall Game - 10 Stamps
Math Recall Hard Mode - 24 Stamps
Memory Sprint Game - 01 Stamp
Piano Player Hard Mode - 18 Stamps
Sign Finder Hard Mode - 20 Stamps
Stamp Designer - 08 Stamps
Word Blend Game - 03 Stamps

Training modes
Choose one of the training modes at the menu. Get your stamp for the day then turn off the Nintendo DS. Turn on the Nintendo DS and change the date to the next day. Turn off the Nintendo DS so that your changes can be saved. Keep repeating this until you unlock all the training modes. When you have unlocked them all, turn off the Nintendo DS and change the date back to the correct value. This may effect your graph but you will still have all of the training modes unlocked.

Virus Buster mini-game
Select the "Training" option at the "Personal" main menu. Scroll to the bottom of the list and select the last "???" option. the Virus Buster mini-game is a variation of Dr. Mario.

Play any Brain Age Check exercise
Choose your profile and go to the options menu with the "Brain Age Check", "Daily Training", etc. options. Hold Select and choose "Brain Age Check". You can now play any Brain Age Check exercise.

Animation sounds
After every training exercise, click on the animation that corresponds with your speed (for example, walking, bicycle, car, etc.) to hear a cute sound effect that goes with it. The walker whistles, the car beeps, the train honks, etc.

See top three exercises and evaluations
Hold Select then choose "Graph" to see the top three of each exercise and evaluation.

Control title screen
Say the following phrases at the title screen to change the Doctor's expression.
Say "Cilantro" and he will make a unhappy face.
Say "Pickled plum" and he will make a sour face.
Say "Brain Age Two" to make his head swell.
Say "Doctor" to make him laugh.

Drawing anything
If you go on multiplayer mode with at leats 3 players, you can select the Picture Drawing mode and even though it tells you what to draw, you can anything. For example, if it tells you to draw Los Angeles, you can draw a pony, hobo, weird button and etc.

Word blend
For the training activity 'word scramble' if you get most wrong just press select, it will bring you back to the training menu, so you can start again and all the anagrams will be the same and you will know all the answers. Note: once you have completed the activity your result will be perminant for that day.

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