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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Bionicle Heroes Nintendo DS Cheats

Collect the indicated runes and amount of Lego pieces
1. Animal Farm: P, I, R, A, K, A and 30,000 Lego pieces
2. Big Head: I, R, N, A, K, K and 20,000 Lego pieces
3. Crazy Colors: V, E, Z, O, K and 10,000 Lego pieces
4. Disco Craze: T, H, O, K and 15,000 Lego pieces
5. Human Voice: M, A, K, U, T, A and 60,000 Lego pieces
6. Invincibility: H, A, K, A, N, N and 200,000 Lego pieces
7. Makuta Mode: V, O, Y, A, N, U, I and 5,000 Lego pieces
8. One Hit Deafeat: R, E, I, D, A, K and 150,000 Lego pieces
9. Piraka Party: I, N, I, K, A and 30,000 Lego pieces
10. Silhouettes: Z, A, K, T, A, N and 10,000 Lego pieces
11. Tiny Enemies: RunesM, A, T, A, N, U, I and 20,000 Lego pieces
12. Unlimited Ammo: A, V, A, K and 100,000 Lego pieces

Makuta's Domain
Collect all six Inika Masks.

Fight against Reidak
When facing Reidak the Earth Piraka, you can just stand at the door. Reidak will come to you.

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