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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Asphalt: Urban GT Nintendo DS Cheats

Get extra money
Press: Left, Down, Right, Up, B, A, R, L

Gameloft F1
Place first in all 35 Evolution Championships.

Race bonuses
Win the following races to unlock the corresponding car or part.
1. Sport Tuning Kit Evo 2: Win the race Chevrolet Fighting
2. Sport Tuning Kit Evo 1: Win the race V6 Engine
3. Performance Tuning Kit Evo 2: Win the race Gentlemen Drivers
4. Performance Tuning Kit Evo 1: Win the race Under 500 hp
5. Nissan Skyline GT-R R34: Win the race GT Championship
6. Nissan 350Z: Win the race Colossus
7. Morgan Aero 8: Win the race Mythical Elanor
8. Lamborghini Murcielago: Win the race Ultra Race Cars
9. Lamborghini Gallardo: Win the race Sport Racing Cars
10. Hummer H2: Win the race Saleen Qualification
11. Gamelati 1000 SS Motorcycle: Win all the road challenges in Arcade mode
12. Ford Cobra Concept: Win the race Performance Racing Cars
13. Evo Kit 1: Win the race V10 Rage
14. Audi TT: Win the race Urban Sports Cars
15. 2005 Corvette C6: Win the race Urban Performance Cars

Gamelati 1000 SS motorcycle
Win all the Road Challenges in arcade mode

Fill turbo bar quicker
Drive into various items on the roadside (for example, boxes, phone booths, and road signs).

Quick start
To get a quick and easy lead over everybody, use your turbo as soon as the race starts. Turbo can be easily obtained simply by hitting objects (trash cans, benches, etc.).

Sharper turns
You may encounter some hard turns in the road. Hold (Y) for about three seconds and you will begin skidding around the corner. If you hit something, nitro-out of there.

Less traffic
To avoid the traffic, press (Y) and the cars will disappear. Note: This will not work if you are very close to the car. Do this when farther away. For example, just when going on a bridge press (Y)(4) and look. Most of the cars should be gone.

Easy win
To win easier in evolution mode, run all the tracks and memorize the turns in arcade free race.

Easy money
Enter the Ultra Racing Cars contest and finish in first place. You will win a Lamborghini Murcielago. Then, go to your garage and sell it for $161,500. You can repeat this as many times as desired.
Buy the Corvette for $45,000 then sell it for $45,500.
At the start of a new career (evolution), do the Saleen Challange and win a Hummer H2. When you get the Hummer, sell it and you will get $67,500. Do the Saleen Challenge again. Continue doing this until you have as much money as desired.

Infinite Money
When you start off Evolution and do the Saleen Qualification, you should unlock a Hummer H2. Go straight to your garage and sell the H2 for $67500 so you have no cars again. Now, go back to the Championships and do the Saleen Qualification again. Repeat as much as you want.

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