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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Feel the magic XY/XX Nintendo DS Cheats

Cheat: Voice Recording
Record your voice on the title screen. While at the title screen, hold Down + Y to
record whatever you want into the microphone. It will now play back whatever you
recorded at random intervals while the title music plays. However, if you wish to
play it back immediately, press Down + X. Down-Left + X will play it back slowly,
while Down-Right + X will speed it up.

Unlockable List
Once you beat Normal mode you unlock Hard mode
Beat Normal mode to unlock the sound test.
Beat Normal mode to unlock Body 2 and 3.
Beat Hard mode to unlock Hell mode (along with a Santa and Cowgirl outfit in
maniac mode).

Unlockable: Hair
You can unlock different wigs by having certain GBA games inserted in the DS.
Chao hairstyle: Sonic Advance 3 cartridge
NiGHTS Wig: Chu Chu Rocket or Sonic Pinball Party cartridge
Sonic Wig: Sonic Advance or Sonic Advance 2 cartridge
Ulala hairstyle: Sonic Battle or Space Channel 5: Ulala's Cosmic Attack cartridge

Hint: Snoring Audience Member
After beating the game and watching the credits roll by, allow the entire theme
song to finish playing (approx. 3 minutes). After the theme song has completely
finished playing, the end of the credits will roll to the top screen and the bottom
screen will show one single audience member in the movie theater who fell asleep
during the movie. Touch that member to hear him snoring away!

Hint: Talking Credits
When you beat the game and the credit roll through, touch the credits using the DS touch screen. Each section of the credits makes a different sound. An example
would be the sound when you hear when you've collected a ring in Sonic games
when you touch the Sonic Team logo.

Hint: Hidden Bunnies
Goldfish: Touch the goldfish in his stomach.
Parachute: Touch the plane on the bottom panel.
Candle: Touch the candle wick on the top panel and the bottom panel.
Cart: Touch the spike in front of the cart on the bottom panel.
Bull: Touch the largest bull and the goldfish on the hero's shirt.
Clean Up: Touch the two swabs and the goldfish on the hero's shirt.
Antlion: Touch the bug on the bottom panel.
Bus Stop: Touch the two separate halfs of the ball and the right
half on the bottom screen.
Monocycle: Touch the sun.
Painter: Touch the paint can and the small guy on the bottom panel.
Scorpion: Touch the largest scorpion.
Sign: Touch all the separate sign pieces.
Microphone: Touch the end of the mic.
Hands: Touch her hand both times and the goldfish on the hero's
shirt. Drive: Touch the car's backlights on both panels.
Yacht: Touch the goldfish on the hero's shirt, the yacht, and the
girl. Bonfire: Touch the hero's eyes and the buttons on the girl's
shirt. Dance: Touch the hero and all the notes on the top panel.
Snake: Touch the hero in the snake's mouth.
Seeker: Touch the sun and the hero.
Plants: Touch the hero and the left vine on the top panel.
Chaser: Touch the unicycle.
Steal: Touch all the cats in the beams of light.
1,2,3: Touch the hero's groin on the top panel on all three
nightmares. Last Battle: Touch the hero's robot and the hero.
Final Battle: Touch the hero and your rival.

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