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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Animal Crossing: Wild World Nintendo DS Cheats

Hint: Grow a Golden Shovel
Bury a shovel anywhere and dig it up one day (24 hours) later. The shovel will
become a Golden Shovel. Using the Golden Shovel, you can bury bags of money to
hopefully grow money trees. Larger lumps of money increase the odds of growing
a fruitful money tree.

Hint: Growing Fruit Trees
You can plant a piece of fruit to grow a tree that bears that fruit. However, not all parts of your town are suitable for growing. To ensure that your fruit tree grows, chop down an existing tree (preferably one that doesn't grow fruit) and dig up the stump with a shovel. Bury the fruit in the hole you dug and it will always grow into a fruit bearing tree.

Hint: Get New Furniture for Free
If you've got some stuff you don't want, like ugly furniture or shirts, you can
attach it to a letter and send the letter to another resident of your town. Town
residents will almost always respond with a letter of their own and a different item

Hint: Magic Rock Money
In town, you may attempt to hit each rock with a tool to shake it out for money.
You may continue your shake down until this rock exhausts itself. This manner of
money-making may be done once per day.
When you hit the rock, money will come out. However, you will bounce back. You
will have to run back to hit it again. To prevent this, dig holes around you in a
pattern so that you won't bounce away. You can make 20,000+ bells a day this
way, but you have to be fast to get this much.

Hint: Nookie
Upgrade Tom Nook's shop by simply purchasing the necessary upgrade -- there
are two levels you can purchase normally. A final additional upgrade level (Nookington's) requires someone else (a guest) to shop at the store. If you need a
friend, head to IGN's free Animal Crossing Board and put out your Friend Code!

Hint: Snowman Furniture
In the winter where you find snowballs get a rather big snowball and push a little
smaller one on top and a snowman will be made and will talk about how happy he
is and a little while later he will send you a letter and a piece of furniture but
watch out the furniture may be worth a lot in Tom Nook's store but you can't buy
it in the catalog also it gives you a lot of HRA points.

Hint: Recycle Free Items
Go by the post office recycling bin daily and occasionally, there's junk left over you may find valuable or useful.

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